Business Related Majors and Options

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Agricultural Education & Communication – prepares students for careers in agricultural education, agricultural leadership, extension education and agricultural communication.

Agricultural Operations Management – incorporates today’s emerging technology with business principles to improve agricultural production, processing, manufacturing, technical sales, food safety, worker safety, and the environment.

Family, Youth & Community Sciences – deals with complex problems in human and community services and provides the general and technical education necessary for graduates to enter a career in human services, including public, private, nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Food & Resource Economics – focuses on the business and economics of agriculture, natural resources and rural communities which ranges from the acquisition of production inputs, such as land and labor, to the marketing and consumption of final food products. FRE majors often pursue careers with agribusiness firms that are located in large and medium-sized metropolitan areas.

Forest Resource & Conservation – provides students with an understanding of forest resources and develops the expertise in forest resource management that is essential to meet contemporary and future needs for the social, environmental and physical products of forest ecosystems.

College of Design, Construction, & Planning

Building Construction – is a four-year program in construction management, techniques, operations and related areas in the construction industry. The degree draws upon skills in communication and interpersonal relations, rather than architectural and engineering design.

College of Health & Human Performance

Sport Management major enables students to ethically apply the fundamental concepts of management, marketing, finance, and law to sport organizations. Coursework prepares students for a range of opportunities in the sport industry, including positions with professional, collegiate, and amateur sport organizations.

Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management major prepares students to gain competency in industry knowledge, develop intellectual abilities, and foster adaptive and technical leadership skills. In addition, the focus on the growth of individual and group dynamics through critical thinking is emphasized so that students will become leaders, decision- makers, and entrepreneurs and create change in an ever-evolving industry.

College of Journalism & Communications

Advertising major is designed to provide a foundation for advancement to positions of leadership and to prepare students for entry-level positions in account management, media planning, and media sales and research. It also familiarizes students with the design and conceptualization skills necessary for careers in art direction and copywriting.

Public Relations major is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs as technicians (such as producing social media strategies and tactics or effective multimedia news releases), as well as for career advancement as managers (such as formulating a communication plan for a new initiative or forecasting the reputational impact of an organizational decision or action).

Media Production, Management, and Technology (formerly Telecommunication) program is one of the most comprehensive in the country, with complete specializations in Digital Film and Video Production, Management and Strategy, and Media and Society.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Asian Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Criminology
  • Data Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • European Union Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

Liberal Arts & Sciences degrees prepare students for a variety of jobs by emphasizing critical thinking skills, personal growth and awareness, and a “generalists” philosophy of education. Paired with a business minor, these and other CLAS majors will give you the background you need to be successful in business.

Other Business Options to Consider

Business Minors

Minors in:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Selling
  • Real Estate
  • Retailing
  • Wealth Management

Combination Degrees

Master’s Degree in:

Business Student Organizations

Open to all majors, business student organizations can help you learn more about a particular field; to network with employment recruiters, business professionals, and other business students; and to acquire leadership and work experience for your resume.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad in London, Madrid, Paris, or Rome and take online courses that are required for the business administration minor!