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working together

Want to increase your team’s performance? Gender diversity could be beneficial.

Yixuan Li
Assistant Professor of Management
Klodiana Lanaj
Martin L. Schaffel Professor

Question your intuition

Trying to choose which job you should take? Question your intuition.

Brian Swider
Beth Ayers McCague Faculty Fellow

Beauty before skills?

Beauty before skills? How attractiveness helps in the hiring process, but confidence is king.

Joyce Bono
W.A. McGriff, III Professor
Min-Hsuan Tu & Elisabeth Gilbert
Warrington Ph.D. alumnae

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Mo Wang

Mo Wang to Lead Research Efforts as Associate Dean for Research

In his role, Wang is focused on promoting Warrington’s research and the strategy and implementation of the College’s grant and contract research program.

Master of Science in Management

No. 5
TFE Times
2022 Best Master’s of Management Programs (#1 Among Publics)
No. 5
2021 Best Master’s Rankings (#1 Among Publics)

Warrington management department No. 1 in productivity per faculty in TAMUGA Rankings

The University of Florida management department ranked No. 1 in the TAMUGA rankings of publications per faculty and No. 3 overall. The department also ranked No. 2 for research productivity per faculty in the 5-year total, measuring research produced from 2017-2021, with its 13 faculty members producing 60 pieces of research and averaging 4.95 pieces per faculty member.

“This ranking provides a testimony for the cutting-edge research conducted by management faculty. Despite our small size, we are able to cultivate a dedicated research culture, which promotes projects that have great scientific merits and lasting broader impact.” – Dr. Mo Wang, Associate Dean of Research

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