Elizabeth B. & William F. Poe, Sr. Business Ethics Center

The goals of the Center are threefold:

  • To increase the visibility of ethical issues among college and university students
  • To provide forums for thoughtful analysis of important ethical problems in business
  • To influence students to become competent and responsible business citizens.

The Poe Center seeks to increase student awareness of the importance of ethics in their personal and professional lives. Through graduate and undergraduate classes, and through its activities and programs, the Center provokes thought and discussion of business ethics. As a result, our students possess the communication skills necessary to succeed in any business environment.

The Center’s work is premised on the idea that business ethics lies at the core of a productive market system, and that a prosperous and just society presumes that people accept responsibility and discharge duties, that they honor commitments, that they deal honestly with others, and that they respect the dignity and integrity of fellow human beings.

Please explore our website and consider opportunities to participate in the work of the Poe Center.