Analytics and AI

Analytics and Artificial intelligence (AI) are built into the fabric of Warrington’s academic culture. They shape the way curriculum is created, new classes are built and career readiness is strengthened.

Businesses used to be driven by Excel spreadsheets, but today, Warrington is preparing graduates for the present and future of business with a new level of analytics and modeling tools. Warrington students have access to cutting-edge tools and methods that will ensure they are ready to immediately be impactful employees in the workforce. Warrington offers classes and resources that get students comfortable with innovative, open-source programs like Python and R. These same technologies used in Warrington classrooms are critical to global companies on the frontlines of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and other emerging tools are revolutionizing the way we work, play, and live our lives. The University of Florida is launching a new initiative to advance and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the enterprise as a fundamental pillar of our academic pursuits.

UF Warrington College of Business students have no shortage of ways to deepen their expertise in analytics and AI. In this video, Dean Saby Mitra describes the expanded curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and access to cutting-edge analytics environments that Warrington students use to develop their analytics and AI skills to better prepare them for the workplace of 2021 and beyond.




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Faculty Highlight: Jim Hoover

Jim Hoover

Jim Hoover has an extensive background in analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, forecasting and operations research. His commercial experience includes running several businesses and a large information technology and management consulting account for one of the world’s largest consulting firms. Additionally, he built an analytics consulting practice, developing new skills and capabilities for an analytics workforce growing at over 20% per year. His current research is focused on the integration of artificial intelligence into business and big data privacy concerns. See Jim’s full profile.

Programs and Resources

Continuing Education courses in AI id="microcourse"

The Warrington College of Business is hosting multiple short courses to give everyone the opportunity to learn about AI. There are 1-hour, 4-hour and 15-hour courses available:

  • The 1-hour class – Intro to AI in Business – is free and asynchronous.
  • The 4-hour class – Artificial Intelligence in Business – is asynchronous, and a course completion certificate is awarded. It also qualifies for 0.4 CEUs.
  • The 15-hour class – Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence – is a hybrid course that is an important part of earning a micro-credential. It also qualifies for 1.5 CEUs, and a badge is awarded upon completion.

Our continuing education courses give insight to the future of business. You’ll learn from Warrington faculty about how AI is shaping industries around the world.

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) program prepares students to thrive in the age of analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Technology advancements have put our students in position to discover effective methods and innovative strategies that help companies take the next big step.

Business Analytics Practicum

A key component of UF Warrington’s new 10-month MS-ISOM track in Business Analytics is the Practicum Project. In the Practicum, students work on a real-world business analytics project in partnership with businesses and organizations. The goal of these projects is to provide students with the opportunity to complete an end-to-end assignment that reflects the complexity found in typical business settings.

NVIDIA Supercomputer

The University of Florida has a public-private partnership with NVIDIA that will catapult UF’s research strength to address some of the world’s most formidable challenges, create unprecedented access to AI training and tools for underrepresented communities, and build momentum for transforming the future of the workforce.