The Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Center supports research, teaching and learning about business analytics and artificial intelligence in the Warrington College of Business. It strengthens Warrington’s reputation as a leader in business analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Center supports student-focused activities in business analytics and AI, strengthens activities that enhance education in business analytics and AI, and provides access to resources that enable or enhance research in business analytics and AI.

Since the Center was approved in May 2021, it has made progress on many mission objectives.


  • Developed a shared capability within the University’s HiPerGator (High Performance Computing Environment) for Warrington researchers, which permits researchers across Warrington departments to rapidly access the HiPerGator Environment to perform AI and machine learning research projects.
  • Loaded 1.2 gigabytes of real-world business data to the HiPerGator environment for 10 researchers to use across multiple research projects.
  • Presented a talk at an AI and machine learning conference on mitigating bias in AI models to researchers across colleges at UF and other universities working on solutions to this problem.

Teaching & learning

  • Developed and delivered a new course in AI and machine learning methods in research to Warrington Doctor of Business Administration students.
  • Created desk guides and videos for Warrington students using AI and machine learning software tools in the HiPerGator and UF Apps environments.
  • Developed new AI and machine learning assignments and exercises for students in upper-level undergraduate courses.
  • Taught and provided teaching assistant support for 11 student teams working with nine different organizations on business analytics and AI practicum projects. The projects included multi-gigabyte data sources in HiPerGator, IBM Watson Cloud, UF Apps, and desktop analytics environments.
  • Received new NSF grant for developing the AI workforce of the future in Florida.
  • Worked with Warrington IT to develop a new server-based AI and machine learning hardware capability for building interactive web-based analytics dashboards.
  • Presented Warrington’s methods for teaching AI and machine learning capabilities to an international conference of accounting professors.

Participate with us

You can partner with the Center by participating in our practicum projects or contributing to the mission of the Center. If you want to figure out the best way to get involved, please reach out to Director Jim Hoover or Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Jon Cannon.