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Reliable Research in Business

Reliable Research in Business is an initiative from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business to address credibility challenges across the Science of Organizations and other social, behavioral and economic sciences. This initiative identifies possible solutions in research reproducibility, replicability, generalizability and peer review.

Research at Warrington

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Commercial real estate prices are not equally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Between the lack of cash on-hand and rent strikes across the nation, commercial property owners have been hit hard. Real estate business intelligence company Datex Property Solutions reported that only 50% of retail tenants had paid their April rent, as compared to the 85% who paid their rent in March. In total, it’s estimated that the commercial real estate industry is expected to see borrowers default on $148 billion in loans.

However, a first-of-its-kind study suggests that not all commercial real estate is affected equally as a result of COVID-19. David Ling finds that certain types of properties are struggling more than others.

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Selling through social networks: Impact of social ties and product characteristics

Since 72% of Instagram users make purchase decisions after seeing something on Instagram and over 40% of respondents in a recent survey made online purchase after seeing it used by an influencer on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Vine and YouTube, product exposure and connectivity on social networks positively impacts online sales.

Research from Warrington College of Business Associate Professor Liangfei Qiu, Ph.D. student Arunima Chhikara and McClatchy Professor Asoo Vakharia offers key insights into how social ties and product characteristics moderate online purchase decisions.

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Product lineups: The more you search, the less you find

Warrington marketing faculty Aner Sela and Sang Kyu Park (PhD ’21) examined how consumers’ ability to accurately identify the product for which they are looking in a product lineup is influenced by the inner dynamics of the search process itself. Across multiple experiments, they found that the more people screen through similar-looking products, the more conservative – but, ironically, less accurate – they become in their identification judgments. That is, the mere location of the target product in the sequence of similar-looking items can determine the likelihood that they will recognize the product for which they are looking.

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