Hough Graduate School of Business

This is where aspirations are fully realized. From our dedicated students mastering business skills and practices to our talented faculty conducting pioneering research, the Hough community strives for excellence in all its endeavors.

The Hough Graduate School of Business offers highly specialized programs tailored to fit your strengths and interests. Hough Hall is home to nationally-recognized programs in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems & Operations Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Real Estate—as well as the highly-ranked UF MBA program.

Teamwork and collaboration are core concepts of the Hough experience. The blending of competitiveness and motivation fosters a unique atmosphere where students are pushed to their limits and excellence is achieved.


No. 4
Online MBA program in the U.S.
Financial Times
Top  15
U.S. Publics
Full-time and Part-time MBA programs
U.S. News & World Report

We are proud business gators


Hough students have many opportunities to connect with fellow Business Gators, but that’s only the beginning. As a graduate, the bond forged by your time at Hough continues to grow. With Business Gators located all over the world, you’ll form immediate connections with other graduates that know who you are because they know where you came from.

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