The Warrington College of Business is on the front lines of innovation. Through faculty research and producing impactful alumni, we continue to form the business world.

Companies are able to work alongside Warrington to experience those benefits through different channels, whether looking to hire from a diverse group of students or wanting to partner with the College. There are many opportunities to become involved in what’s happening on the Warrington campus, and your company can play an important role in the future of business and education.

Recruit at Warrington

Employers have multiple opportunities to access Warrington’s brightest minds and future business leaders. The recruiting process is made easy for employers, setting them up for success with standout students who are passionate about their industry.

Partner With Warrington

Engagement with Warrington produces a dynamic relationship that is beneficial for both parties. Partnering companies are connected with College resources such as student career services, faculty expertise and professional development programs

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