Program Statistics


687Average GMAT (Class of 2015)66%Males
3.48Average GPA34%Females
4-5Average years of work experience14%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of Science in Finance

674Average GMAT (Class of 2015)74.4%Males
3.7Average GPA25.6%Females
0-1Average years of work experience10.2%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of Science in Real Estate

621Average GMAT (Class of 2015)85%Males
3.5Average GPA15%Females
0-3Average years of work experience15%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of International Business

598Average GMAT (Class of 2015)39%Males
3.45Average GPA61%Females
0-1Average years of work experience19%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of Science in Management

588Average GMAT (Class of 2015)48%Males
3.41Average GPA52%Females
0-1Average years of work experience22%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

620Average GMAT (Class of 2015)62%Males
3.3Average GPA38%Females
0-1Average years of work experience71%International (non-U.S. Citizens)

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

572Average GMAT (Class of 2015)57%Males
3.3Average GPA43%Females
0-1Average years of work experience27%International (non-U.S. Citizens)