Hire a Business Gator

As former recruiters and human resources executives ourselves, our team understands the challenges of trying to find students/candidates who possess the necessary skills, culture fit, and compensation expectations that you seek, along with those who are willing to work in the locations and types of roles that your company requires.

Our team engages recruiters from a pure consultative perspective in order to understand your needs and help your to develop a specific strategy for articulating your value proposition to the students of the Warrington College of Business. We don’t just provide companies with a resume book for an entire class, we facilitate direct introductions to students whose interests and backgrounds align with your needs, providing a much improved yield rate for your company. This is a very high-touch, high-tailored approach to working with companies that has proven very successful for those that recruit at the Warrington College of Business.

For more information on how your company can create your own tailor-made recruiting strategy at the Warrington College of Business, please contact Genaveve Henson, Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Business Career Services via email or by phone at 352-273-4952. We look forward to working with you!