Warrington’s Ph.D. programs prepare candidates for research and teaching careers at elite academic institutions all over the world. Candidates collaborate with our world-class faculty and gain a strong network of peers during their time in the Ph.D. program.

The Ph.D. program in business trains aspiring scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researchers and is a pathway to becoming a tenure-track business school professor.

The program is a full-time course of study. Most students take five years to complete degree requirements and defend their dissertations. Students begin active research at an early stage and work closely with faculty as valued peers and colleagues throughout the program.

Five Fields of Study


top-tier journal publications produced by Warrington scholars from 2010-2014.


of College’s 129 top-tier journal publications from 2010-2014 produced with graduate students.


Ph.D. students placed in tier-one research institutions from 2011 to 2015.

Yifan Song

I really appreciate the opportunities to work with the highly accomplished and talented faculty in our College. I get to know how to conduct high-quality research through this process, which will benefit my academic career. Additionally, since a good publication record is valued on the job market, it is never too early to improve our research skills and try to get papers published.

Yifan Song
Ph.D. in Business Administration - Management