Graduate Minor in Real Estate

The Real Estate minor is available to graduate students receiving degrees in related fields, such as Construction Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Geography and Accounting.

Students pursuing a master’s degree must complete six credit hours to obtain the real estate minor.

A real estate faculty member will need to be added to the student’s graduate committee as his or her minor representative.

Information about non-Business student registration, our Hough Graduate Modular system, academic calendar, course offering and more can be found on the Graduate Elective Courses page.

To earn the minor, students must:

  1. Fill out the graduate request form in order to request a professor from the department to be your “minor representative”,
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email of your “minor representative”, then ask your advisor to add the assigned faculty member and the “Real Estate Minor” to your supervisory committee form.
  3. Read the information on the Graduate Elective Courses page about Hough Graduate School of Business (HGSB) being on a different academic calendar, Modular dates and Priority Registration dates.
  4. See the tables below, then find the section numbers for the courses you need using the links from the Graduate Elective Courses page (since the modular information is not on the UF Schedule of Courses and you cannot view sections in ONE.UF for HGSB courses). After Priority Registration has begun for the term you need registration assistance, verify that you have no registration holds in ONE.UF, then email your UFID and the section numbers of the Real Estate courses you need added.

Complete the following course:

REE 6045Introduction to Real Estate2Summer B, Mods 1 & 3

Earn at least four credits (two courses) from the following list:

REE 6395Investment Property Analysis2Mods 2 & 4REE 6045
REE 6206Primary Mortgage Markets & Institutions2Mod 2REE 6045, possibly as a co-requisite
REE 6105Real Estate Appraisal2Mod 2REE 6045; co-requisite REE 6395
REE 6208Secondary Mortgage Markets and Securitization2Mod 3REE 6045 & 6395
REE 6315Real Estate Market and Transaction Analysis2Mod 1REE 6045, possibly as a co-requisite
REE 6930Special Topics - Contemporary Issues in2Mod 4REE 6045

Students pursuing a Ph.D. outside of the business school must complete twelve credit hours to obtain the real estate minor.