Information Systems and Operations Management Minor

The recent compliance requirements (specifically those imposed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) require a greater understanding of information systems, and how it affects the audit of a company’s financial records.

The ISOM minor focuses on developing a technological understanding of the current issues as they relate to information systems/information technology. Students who earn the ISOM minor will be recognized as having a basic background in information systems. This minor is geared toward students who are interested in careers in management consultancy, software or database development, enterprise management systems, telecommunication and business analysis.

This minor cannot be completed in one semester. MIB and MSM students are not eligible for the ISOM minor.

Students interested in the ISOM minor should return to this page in the term they are graduating and fill out the application form to register for the courses needed to obtain the minor. The form must be completed prior to the Graduate School’s “midpoint of term” deadline. Failure to apply for the minor will result in not receiving the minor even if all of the course requirements have been completed.

NOTE: the process for registering for minors has changed. You will no longer be given priority registration for minor courses. Each module, you will be able to register for minor courses during regular course registration, no exceptions.

Required Courses (Total Credits: 10):

  • ISM 6128 – Advanced Business Systems Design and Development I (2 credits)
    Object-oriented analysis and model specification for business software systems. Articulation of key requirements (data, processes, physical components, deployment) using logical modeling methodologies.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3
  • ISM 6129 – Advanced Business Systems Design and Development II (2 credits)
    Continuation of ISM 6128. Focus on object-oriented design of systems. How to translate business requirements into specific task and component requirements.
    Prereq: C grade or better in ISM 6128
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 2 & 4
  • ISM 6215 – Business Database Systems I (2 credits)
    Fundamentals of data storage and retrieval models for business applications. Data modeling and database design principles. Theoretical foundations and exercises presented for relational data model and SQL.
    Prereq: C grade or better in ISM 6129
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3
  • ISM 6222 – Business Telecom Strategy and Applications I (2 credits)
    Survey of networking technologies used in WWW and e-commerce. TC/IP networks and related security, networking hardware, and Internet software standards.
    Prereq: none
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3

And, one of the following:

  • QMB6358 – Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions I, No prereq
  • ISM6216 – Business Database Systems I, prereq: ISM6215