Financial Information

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students should contact the main Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office using the OneStop feature for all financial questions.

Graduate Students

The Hough Graduate School of Business has a dedicated team of financial aid advisors to help students navigate the financial side of graduate school.

Once students are enrolled in their graduate degree program, they will receive regular, semesterly updates from Hough’s financial aid team with information regarding financial aid basics, steps to take, and important dates and deadlines.

Connie Reed
Hough Hall 203

Students can also email the Hough financial aid advisors directly with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for financial aid?

The primary source of aid is Federal Student loan funding. If you are a US Citizen or an eligible non-citizen, you may complete a FAFSA application to receive a Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan. If you don’t have adverse credit and would like additional funding, you can complete an application to be considered for the Graduate PLUS loan. For more information as to what qualifies as a eligible non-citizen, please check the Eligibility for Non-U.S. Citizens on the Federal Student Aid website.

Are there any grant funding opportunities?

Graduate students that have completed the FAFSA application and show financial need have a chance to receive the UF Graduate Grant. This grant is reserved for students who demonstrate exceptional financial need and have provided error-free FAFSA submissions and is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Funding is very limited and is not guaranteed.

Are there scholarships available?
  • Full-Time MBA: Scholarship eligibility is determined by the MBA Admissions Committee. Applicants are automatically considered based on information submitted in the application. Scholarships are applied to student accounts after the drop/add deadline.
  • Executive MBA, Weekend Professional MBA and Online MBA: Many students receive support from their employers. Please check with your HR department. If your company agrees to sponsor you, a third-party billing arrangement can be established by following the process described on UF’s third-party sponsor invoicing webpage.
  • Specialized master’s: Some departments offer a limited number of scholarships based on academic performance identified during the admissions process. It is still strongly recommended to search for private or outside scholarships.
Are there opportunities to receive tuition waivers through graduate assistantships?

Graduate assistantships are typically reserved for PhD students at the Warrington College of Business. The Financial Aid office does not offer assistantships; however, students may contact the UF Graduate School by phone (352-392-6622) or by UF Graduate School email for more information on eligibility.

Can I use military benefits to help pay for my degree?

Please contact UF’s Office of Veteran Affairs to determine eligibility.

How do I complete the FAFSA as a graduate student?

To complete the FAFSA as a graduate student, you will need to make sure the following sections are marked as following:

  • Degree/Certificate: Graduate or Professional
  • Current Grade Level: 1st Yr Grad/Prof
  • Received 1st Batch Deg by 7-01-20xx: Yes
  • Graduate Student?: Yes

Note: Failure to complete the FAFSA correctly can result in a delay in processing your financial aid.

Can international students submit a FAFSA application?

Unfortunately, international students cannot submit a FAFSA application. It is strongly recommended to check out the University of Florida International Center’s (UFIC) financial resources for funding opportunities.

Specialized Master's and Combination Degree Students
As an undergraduate combination student, can I receive undergraduate financial aid for my graduate courses?

Most undergraduate scholarships including Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid will cover a portion of your graduate tuition while you are still an undergraduate. Aid pays out at the undergraduate credit hour rate. Students are responsible for the difference between the undergraduate and graduate tuition.

Can Bright Futures cover graduate school?

Some students will be eligible to receive Bright Futures for one semester of graduate school at the undergraduate credit hour rate. Students need to meet certain criteria to be considered. Find more information on Bright Futures Graduate Funding.

I will complete my bachelor’s degree in the fall and continue graduate students the following spring. How do I complete the FAFSA?

If you are a combination degree student, you will complete your FAFSA application just as you would as an undergraduate student. Once you have received your bachelor’s degree, the Financial Aid Office will update your status to a graduate/independent student. This will occur after drop/add in your first graduate term. Please be advised that your undergraduate financial aid will not carry over into our graduate semester.