Services for Recruiters

Recruiting future leadership for your company is easy at the Warrington College of Business. We are committed to working with companies like yours in an effort to meet your talent acquisition objectives. Our goal is to create and facilitate a valuable recruiting experience that empowers our team to deliver invaluable client service. Our consultative approach in working with you ensures that you are attracting, interviewing and hiring the right talent for your organization. We are excited about the opportunity of partnering with your company for the upcoming Recruiting Season and look forward to achieving success for us all.

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On-Campus Company Information Sessions

On several occasions throughout the academic year, organizations often come to campus to present to our students and provide them with general information about their company, various training programs, and typical career paths that are available to the students at their company. These presentations can assist students in better defining their career paths, and help the company brand themselves to the students as well as provide an on-campus presence for the recruiter. Company presentations are generally early evening events and last anywhere from fifty (50) to ninety (90) minutes at length, with post presentation networking. Companies can also provide food and beverage for more of a formal Information Session/Networking Event. Our team can provide you with the details if your company wishes to participate.

Sign up for an Information Session

  • Go to HIREWarrington and log in.
  • Click on ‘Request a New Information Session’ from the short-cuts menu on the homepage OR click on the ‘events’ tab – ‘Information Sessions’, then select ‘+Add New’.
  • Submit the form. We will contact you if we are missing information or have questions about your request.
  • Once your session is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.


Resume books can also be requested for any program at any time free of charge.

Job Postings on HIREWarrington

What better way to seek out our business students for your full-time and internships positions than to post the position online?

Through our career services portal, HIREWarrington, you can post positions, attract excellent candidates throughout the year, and create solid interview schedules prior to campus interview visits.

Get Started

Post your job or internship today and start attracting great Business students and alumni!

Career Development Workshop Series

Workshops presented by your company with emphasis on skill building as seen through the lens of your organization is a great way to not only “give back” to our students, but also to continue to increase your company’s brand awareness on campus.

Our workshop series events typically take place on Fridays, as our students do not have classes these days. Your presentation can be 45 to 60 minutes in length, with Q&A at the end. Additional career development workshops can last an entire morning, afternoon, or full-day, depending upon the specific content and type of program the visiting company is facilitating. Our career services team can work with you and advise you every step of the way in creating and building a career development seminar that is valuable to both our students and your organization from a branding perspective.

Workshops can include such things as:

  • Dress for Success
  • Interview Survivor
  • Effective Networking
  • Social Media and Your Career
  • Career Fair Boot Camp
  • Your Professional Brand Image

Virtual Services

Can’t come to campus? Not a problem.

Virtual Interviews

Business Career Services seeks to make it easy for you to interview our students. Our office can facilitate video conference interviews, Skype interviews or phone interviews and there is dedicated space within Hough Hall that accommodates virtual interviews. Please email our office to schedule your student interviews today.

Virtual Workshops/Webinars

We can stream you live into one of our many classrooms here within the Warrington College of Business. Business Career Services can help facilitate a virtual information session or workshop for your company.

International Talent Program

Immigration concerns can make some employers nervous about hiring the most qualified candidates for their U.S. jobs. The International Talent Program takes the stress and uncertainty away from hiring international students, helping companies hire the best available talent from the Warrington College of Business.

Company Campus Ambassadors

Your company recruiting efforts don’t have to stop when you’re away from campus.

Why not utilize your past interns as your “campus ambassadors” as an extension of your campus recruiting team. We can assist your “campus ambassadors” with recruiting activities such as tabling opportunities, open office hours, information sessions and distribution of company information and collateral.

Company Tabling Opportunities

Interested in enhancing your company brand in the Warrington College of Business?

Table in any of the three Warrington College of Business schools during the academic year to promote your company and educate students about the opportunities that you have available. Table recruitment is held in a high student traffic area and allows companies to engage College of Business students. Locations are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge to you.

Company Office Hours Opportunities

We can provide companies with an interview room to meet with students throughout the day. Company recruiters can meet with students one-on-one or in small groups and talk to them about their company and career opportunities.