Florida Accounting Symposium

September 27-28, 2024, Tallahassee, FL

Call for Papers

We are delighted to invite accounting researchers from all accounting Ph.D. granting institutions within Florida to submit manuscripts to the ninth annual Florida Accounting Symposium (FAS). The FAS’ objective is to facilitate the interaction of accounting researchers (especially junior faculty and doctoral students) and the exchange of research ideas in the great Sunshine State. The University of Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Miami take turns hosting the annual FAS. The ninth conference will be held on September 27-28, 2024, in Tallahassee, Florida.

The 2024 FAS submission deadline is July 21, 2024. Papers will be selected by the Program Committee. Submitting authors will be notified of the program committee’s decisions no later than August 18.

Both accounting faculty and doctoral students from accounting Ph.D. granting institutions within Florida are invited to attend the conference. While preference is given to manuscripts coauthored by junior faculty and doctoral students, we also encourage senior faculty to be actively involved in the conference. Registration before September 1 is required (via the website below) but no registration fee is charged. The conference will start with lunch at noon on Friday, September 27, and end right after lunch on Saturday, September 28.

For submissions and questions, please contact:

Bruce Billings
Florida State University
Email Bruce


Program Committee for the 2024 FAS:
Bruce Billings, Florida State University
Roman Chychyla, University of Miami
Marcus Kirk, University of Florida
Daniele Macciocchi, University of Miami
Michael Mayberry, University of Florida
Landon Mauler, Florida State University


Past Presentations

Friday – September 29, 2023

1:30-2:15pm: Consumer Responses to the Revelation of Corporate Social Irresponsibility
Presenter: Anthony Joffre (University of Miami)
Discussant: Alyssa Moore (Florida State University)
Moderator: Raphael Gyabeng (Florida International University)

2:20–3:05pm: The Role of High Skilled Foreign Accounting Labor in Shaping US Startup Outcomes

Presenter: Kevin Munch (University of Florida)
Discussant: Dan Li (University of Miami)
Moderator: Will Anding (Florida State University)

3:30–4:15pm: Searching for Directors

Presenter: Zeyu Ou (University of Miami)
Discussant: Alan Sohn (University of Florida)
Moderator: Isabel Ford (University of Florida)

4:20-5:05pm: Blockchain and Corporate Disclosure

Presenter: Alyssa Moore (Florida State University)
Discussant: Hanbing Xing (Florida Atlantic University)
Moderator: Oussema El Ajel (University of Miami)

Saturday – September 30, 2023

9:20–10:05am: Solicitation, Social Exchange, and Auditor-Client Matching: Evidence from Auditor-Provided Awards

Presenter: Patrick Kmieciak (University of Florida)
Discussant: Vanessa Vandamas (Florida International University)
Moderator: Brianna de la Osa (University of Miami)

10:10–10:55am: Are there negative informational consequences of media coverage for economically related firms?

Presenter: Bruce Billings (Florida State University)
Discussant: Ralph Holstein (University of Florida)
Moderator: Eashwar Nagaraj (University of Florida)

11:20am–12:05pm: Do investors fixate on ESG ratings? Evidence from Investor Responses to Mechanical Changes in ESG Ratings

Presenter: Seungju Choi (University of Miami)
Discussant: David Eisel (Florida State University)
Moderator: Sara Khaled (Florida Atlantic University)

12:10–12:55pm: Investor Relations and Private Debt Markets

Presenter: Ruby Lee (University of Florida)
Discussant: Zeyo Ou (University of Miami)
Moderator: Miles Romney (Florida State University)