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Beginning with the Fall 2020 semester, the calendar below primarily includes FSOA-specific events. It no longer includes football games or academic dates other than class beginning and ending dates, holidays, drop/add, and final exams. For dates not listed on this calendar, visit the following websites:

UF Dates and Deadlines for Semester-Long Classes
Module Dates (Graduate Classes)
Warrington Events
University-Wide Commencement Information
Warrington Commencement Information
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Spring 2021

Jan 11Module 3 classes begin
Jan 11Semester-long classes begin
Jan 11-13Drop/Add for module 3 courses
Jan 11-15Drop/add for semester-long courses
Jan 12KPMG Audit, Tax, & Advisory Professional Meet & Greet (Registration)Virtual6:00-7:00pm
Jan 13EY Welcome Back EventVirtual12:00-2:00pm
Jan 15Deloitte Explore Audit & Assurance: Register HereVirtual3:00-3:45pm
Jan 18Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes)
Jan 19EY Social (RSVP)Virtual6:00-7:30pm
Jan 20Morning Mentorship with KPMG Professionals (Registration)Virtual9:00-11:00am
Jan 22CoffEY Chats (sign up for a 30-minute timeslot)Virtual10:00am-12:00pm
Jan 22KPMG Recruiting Kickoff (Registration)Virtual1:00-2:00pm
Jan 22Deloitte Explore Tax Services: Register HereVirtual3:00-3:45pm
Jan 26RSM Recruiter Office Hours (Schedule a time)VirtualAll day
Jan 26Going Global with KPMG (Registration)Virtual6:00-7:00pm
Jan 27RSM Meet and Greet with Tax (Sign up)Virtual12:00-1:30pm
Jan 27Beta Alpha Psi New Member/General Body Meeting + CLA EventVirtual6:00-7:30pm
Jan 28Deloitte Recruiter Office Hours (sign up for a time slot)Virtual10:00-11:00am
Jan 29RSM Meet and Greet with Audit (Sign up)Virtual10:00-11:30am
Jan 29EY Panel Discussion (by invitation only)Virtual12:00-2:00pm
Jan 29Grant Thornton Coffee Chats (Register)Virtual12:00-1:00pm
Jan 29KPMG Advisory Info Session (Registration)Virtual1:00-2:00pm
Jan 29Deloitte Explore Risk & Financial Advisory: Register HereVirtual3:00-3:45pm
Feb 1RSM Meet and Greet with Tax (Sign up)Virtual5:00-6:00pm
Feb 2Deloitte Coffee Chats (click here to reserve your spot!)Virtual10:00am-12:00pm
Feb 2RSM Meet and Greet with Audit (Sign up)Virtual12:00-1:30pm
Feb 2EY Beginnings Session 1 (by invitation only)Virtual4:00-7:00pm
Feb 3KPMG Recruiter Office Hours (Registration)Virtual10:00am-2:00pm
Feb 3Beta Alpha Psi Event with BDOVirtual6:00-7:00pm
Feb 4Professional Speaker Series - DHGVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Feb 5CoffEY Chats (sign up for a 30-minute timeslot)Virtual10:00am-12:00pm
Feb 5KPMG Audit Info Session (Registration)Virtual1:00-2:00pm
Feb 8Career Showcase (if attending in person)Reitz Union Rion Ballroom9:00am-4:00pm
Feb 8-9Career Showcase (if attending virtually)Virtual9:00am-4:00pm
Feb 10Beta Alpha Psi Event with DeloitteVirtual6:00-7:00pm
Feb 11Professional Speaker Series - James Moore & Co.Virtual6:15-8:00pm
Feb 12EY Careers Information Session (by invitation only)Virtual10:00am-2:00pm
Feb 12Deloitte Explore Mentorship & Mobility: Register HereVirtual3:00-3:45pm
Feb 17Beta Alpha Psi Event with KPMGVirtual6:00-7:00pm
Feb 18Professional Speaker Series - Alvarez & MarsalVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Feb 19Grant Thornton How a Growth Mindset Can Help You Achieve Your Goals (Register)Virtual12:00-1:00pm
Feb 19Careers in Tech at KPMG (Registration)Virtual1:00-2:00pm
Feb 19Deloitte Explore Well-Being & Benefits: Register HereVirtual3:00-3:45pm
Feb 24KPMGator Alumni Meet & Greet (Registration)Virtual6:00-7:00pm
Feb 26Module 3 classes end
Feb 26FSOA Workshop - Christina Zhu, University of PennsylvaniaVirtual2:00-3:30pm
Mar 1-5Module 3 final exams
Mar 3Beta Alpha Psi Virtual Wellness SessionVirtual6:00-7:00pm
Mar 4Professional Speaker Series - DeloitteVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Mar 8Module 4 classes begin
Mar 8-10Drop/add for module 4 classes
Mar 11Professional Speaker Series - Disney Worldwide Shared Services (DWSS)Virtual6:15-8:00pm
Mar 18Professional Speaker Series - KPMGVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Mar 19FSOA Workshop - Ira Yeung, University of British ColumbiaVirtual2:00-3:30pm
Mar 25Professional Speaker Series - CroweVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Mar 26FSOA Workshop - Aleksandra (Ally) Zimmerman, Florida State UniversityVirtual2:00-3:30pm
Mar 30EY Celebration Event (by invitation only)Virtual6:00-7:30pm
Apr 1Professional Speaker Series - Berkowitz Pollack BrantVirtual6:15-8:00pm
Apr 2FSOA Workshop - Kimball Chapman, Washington University in St. LouisVirtual2:00-3:30pm
Apr 15**CANCELLED** FSOA Spring Awards Banquet (by invitation only)
Apr 21Semester-long classes end
April 21Beta Alpha Psi Elections & Year-End CelebrationVirtual6:00-7:00pm
Apr 22-23Reading days (applies to semester-long courses only)
Apr 23FSOA Spring Advisory Board Meetingvia Zoom10:00am-12:00pm
Apr 23Module 4 classes end
Apr 24-30Final Exams (semester-long and Module 4 courses)

Summer 2021

May 10Summer A/C Classes Begin
May 10-11Summer A/C Drop/Add (at or after assigned start time)
May 31Memorial Day – No Classes
Jun 18Summer A Classes End
Jun 28Summer B Classes Begin
Jun 28-29Sumer B Drop/Add (at or after assigned start time)
Aug 6Summer B/C Classes End

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