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For information about additional semesters or University wide events, please visit the University of Florida’s Calendar of Events, and the Warrington Calendar. Specific academic and registration dates are available on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage.

Spring 2019

Jan 4Spring Regular Registration Ends ($100 late fee after 11:59pm deadline) 11:59pm deadline
Jan 7Module 3 and semester-long classes begin
Jan 7Grant Thornton: Meet, Greet and EatGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 7-9Drop/Add for module 3 classes
Jan 7-11Drop/Add for semester-long classes (at or after assigned start time)
Jan 8EY’s Backyard BBQGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 8FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 8PwC All Gators WelcomeOriginal American Kitchen (OAK)6:30-8:30pm
Jan 9Desserts with DeloitteGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:30am-2:00pm
Jan 9KPMGator Get Down (by invitation only)TBD7:00-9:00pm
Jan 10"Find your Fit with KPMG" event for accounting studentsGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 10KPMG FSOA Faculty LunchGerson 32711:45am-1:00pm
Jan 10Professional Speaker Series - KPMGGerson 1266:15pm
Jan 11Withdrawal from all spring courses with no fee liability
Jan 14Beta Alpha Psi and EY Bowling SocialReitz Union6:15pm
Jan 15FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 16RSM Lunch on the TerraceBabicz Terrace, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 16Deloitte KickOffThe Social Midtown5:00-7:00pm
Jan 17Crack the Code with EYGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 17FSOA Faculty MeetingGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 18Fee Payments Due by 3:30pm at University Bursar 3:30pm
Jan 18PwC: Elevate With Us! (by invitation only)TBDTBD
Jan 21Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No Classes
Jan 22FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 22KPMG Audit: The Assurance you’ve been looking for!Gerson 1216:00-7:00pm
Jan 23Get to Know BDO BoothGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-3:00pm
Jan 23KPMG Spring Kick Off SocialCypress & Grove Brewery7:00-9:00pm
Jan 24Lunch with DeloitteGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:30am-2:00pm
Jan 24Professional Speaker Series - DeloitteGerson 1266:15pm
Jan 25S-U Grade Option 5:00pm
Jan 25Brunch & Learn: Get Educated! With EYReitz Union10:00am-Noon
Jan 25FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 28Grant Thornton: Getting to Know You and Resume ReviewGerson Hall Breakout Room 23010:00am-2:00pm
Jan 28Beta Alpha Psi New Member MeetingGerson 1266:15pm
Jan 29Cherry Bekaert Lunch in the AtriumGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Jan 29FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Jan 29FSOAC General MeetingGerson 1266:00pm
Jan 30KPMG Coffee & ConvosStarbucks on NW 13th St. (by Publix)10:00am-2:00pm
Jan 30BDO Faculty LunchGerson 32711:30am-12:45pm
Jan 31Professional Speaker Series - AllChem IndustriesGerson 1266:15pm
Feb 1Withdrawal with 25% refund, "W" assigned 5:00pm
Feb 1FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 4Exploring Careers in AccountingHough Hall Room 1504:00-5:30pm
Feb 4Beta Alpha Psi Event with Berkowitz Pollack BrantLoosey’s, Downtown7:00pm
Feb 5UF Career ShowcaseExactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center9:00am-3:00pm
Feb 5FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 6Honeywell Tabling EventGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-2:00pm
Feb 7Professional Speaker Series - DisneyGerson 1266:15pm
Feb 8FSOA Workshop - Peter Easton, Notre DameGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 8Spring Degree Applications deadline 5:00pm
Feb 12FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 12Beta Alpha Psi Event with KPMGGerson 1266:15pm
Feb 12Deloitte Pre-Interview Social (by invitation only)
Feb 13Deloitte On Campus Interviews (by invitation only)
Feb 15FSOA Workshop - Brian Miller, Indiana UniversityGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 15Deadline to drop a Module 3 class (with fee liability, "W" assigned)
Feb 19Moore Chicken! – Lunch with James MooreGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:15am-1:30pm
Feb 19FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 20FSOAC General MeetingGerson 1266:15pm
Feb 20Take a Paws with KPMG (by invitation only)7:00-9:00pm
Feb 21Professional Speaker Series - CLAGerson 1266:15pm
Feb 22Module 3 classes end
Feb 22FSOA Workshop - Faculty RecruitGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Feb 25-Mar 1Module 3 Final Exam Week
Feb 27Beta Alpha Psi Event with Grant ThorntonGerson 1266:15pm
Mar 1FSOA Workshop - Dawn Matsumoto, University of WashingtonGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Mar 2-9Spring Break – No Classes
Mar 11Module 4 classes begin
Mar 11CPA and CMA Exam Information TableGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00am-1:00pm
Mar 11KPMG Pre-Interview Social (by invitation only)
Mar 12KPMG On Campus Interviews (by invitation only)
Mar 12EY Pre-Interview Social (by invitation only)6:00pm
Mar 13EY On Campus Interviews (by invitation only)
Mar 13End of Module 4 Drop/Add
Mar 15FSOA Workshop - Roger White, Arizona State UniversityGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Mar 19Lunch with A&M Transaction Advisory GroupGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall12:30-3:00
Mar 21Professional Speaker Series - SiemensGerson 1266:15pm
Mar 22FSOA Workshop - Sonja Rego, Indiana UniversityGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Mar 22Module 4 Drop/Add Fee Adjustment Due by 3:30pm 3:30pm
Mar 27Becker CPA ReviewGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall2:00-5:00pm
Mar 27FSOAC General MeetingGerson 1266:15pm
Mar 28Professional Speaker Series - PwCGerson 1266:15pm
Mar 29FSOA Workshop - Jenny Zha Giedt, George Washington UniversityGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Apr 4Professional Speaker Series - James MooreGerson 1266:15pm
Apr 5FSOA Workshop - Daniel Taylor, University of PennsylvaniaGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Apr 9Meet & Greet with GleimGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:00am-2:00pm
Apr 10Deloitte Sophomore Workshop (by invitation only)Hough Hall6:00-8:00pm
Apr 11Professional Speaker Series - Exit SurveyGerson 1266:15pm
Apr 12Drop Deadline, "W" assigned (must be approved by FSOA)
Apr 12Withdrawal Deadline, all courses, "W" assigned
Apr 12FSOA Workshop - Emily Griffith, University of WisconsinGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Apr 16FSOAC General MeetingGerson 1266:15pm
Apr 17FSOA Spring Awards Banquet (by invitation only)Hilton - UF Conference Center
Apr 18FSOA Spring Advisory Board Meeting
Apr 18Deloitte Faculty DinnerMark’s Prime Steakhouse6:30-9:00pm
Apr 19Deadline to drop a Module 4 class (with fee liability, "W" assigned)
Apr 24Semester-long classes end
Apr 25-26Reading Days - No classes (applies to semester-long courses only)
Apr 26Module 4 classes end
Apr 26FSOA Workshop - David Veenman, University of AmsterdamGerson 3272:00-3:30pm
Apr 27 - May 3Spring Final Exams
May 3Warrington Graduate Recognition Ceremony (includes all degrees and majors)Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center7:30-9:30pm
May 4University-Wide CommencementBen Hill Griffin Stadium8:30-11:00am
May 7Degree Status AvailableONE.UFlate night
May 8Final Grades Available (transcript view)ONE.UF

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