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Beginning with the Fall 2020 semester, the calendar below primarily includes FSOA-specific events. It no longer includes football games or academic dates other than class beginning and ending dates, holidays, drop/add, and final exams. For dates not listed on this calendar, visit the following websites:

UF Dates and Deadlines for Semester-Long Classes
Module Dates (Graduate Classes)
Warrington Events
University-Wide Commencement Information
Warrington Commencement Information
Gator Sports

Fall 2021

Aug 23Module 1 and Semester-Long Classes Begin
Aug 23-25Drop/Add for Module 1 Classes (drop a class or change sections)
Aug 23-27Drop/Add for Semester-Long Classes (at or after assigned start time)
Aug 24KPMG Recruiter Office Hours (Invitation Only)Virtual10:00-2:00pm
Aug 24EY | Recruiter Office Hours Register HereVirtual2:00-6:00pm
Aug 25PwC Recruiter Office Hours Register HereVirtual10:00-3:00pm
Aug 27PwC Recruiter Office Hours Register HereVirtual10:00-3:00pm
Aug 27How to Join EY | A Virtual Info Session (Invitation Only)Virtual10:30-12:30pm
Aug 30EY | Welcome Back Event!Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:30-2:30pm
Aug 30EY | Social Register HereThe Social at Midtown Rooftop6:00-8:00pm
Aug 31Faculty Lunch with EYGER 32711:00-12:30pm
Sep 1NextEra Energy Company TableGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall9:00-5:00pm
Sep 1NextEra Energy Company Information SessionGER 121 & Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall6:00-7:00pm
Sep 6Labor Day - No Classes
Sep 7PwC Welcomes You Back! (Invitation Only)TBD6:00-8:00pm
Sep 8EY | Career Conversations Register HereVirtual9:00-2:00pm
Sep 8Beta Alpha Psi - BAP Fall Kickoff Event and Information SessionGER 1266:15pm-8:10pm
Sep 9Professional Speaker Series - Disney Worldwide Shared Services (DWSS)Virtual6:15pm
Sep 10EY | Service Line Spotlight & NetworkingGER 12110:30-12:00pm
Sep 10Getting to know GT - 1:1 Chats! Register HereVirtual12:30-2:00pm
Sep 10The Career and Peer Mentors - This or That Seminar Register HereVirtual4:00pm
Sep 13Deloitte Guest Speaker Panel & Networking Register HereGER 1216:00-8:00pm
Sep 13EY | Campus Ambassador PartEY (Invitation Only)TBD6:30-8:30pm
Sep 14Drop by Deloitte!Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall9:00-10:30am
Sep 14Connect with KPMG ProfessionalsGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00-2:00pm
Sep 14Deloitte Resume Review Register HereGER 228 & GER 2292:00-5:00pm
Sep 14KPMG Fall Kick off Social (Invitation Only)Cypress & Grove Brewery6:00-8:00pm
Sep 14Deloitte Happy Hour Register HereMidpoint Park Eatery6:00-8:00pm
Sep 15Meet Our PwC Pros! Register HereTBD10:00-3:00pm
Sep 16Professional Speaker Series - HoneywellVirtual6:15pm
Sep 17Degree Applications for Fall 2021 Due by 5:00pm
Sep 20RSM Audit & Tax Recruiter Office Hours Register HereVirtual10:00-12:30pm
Sep 20Connect with Cherry Bekaert!Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall12:30-3:00pm
Sep 21Donuts with DeloitteGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:00-2:00pm
Sep 22-24Warrington Career Week - Virtual Event ProgrammingVirtual
Sep 22Beta Alpha Psi: Networking with DeloitteGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15pm-8:10pm
Sep 23Grant Thornton Tabling EventGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00-3:00pm
Sep 23Professional Speaker Series - Grant ThorntonGER 1266:15pm
Sep 24EY | Campus Ambassador ’Team Yard!’ (Invitation Only)TBD11:00-2:00pm
Sep 24RSM Consulting Recruiter Office Hours Join HereVirtual1:00-4:00pm
Sep 27- Oct 1Warrington Career Week - In-Person Event
Sep 27-30UF Career Showcase - Accounting careers featured on Sep 27 (Virtual) and Sep 28 (In-person)O’Connell Center & Virtual9:00-3:00pm
Sep 29RSM Coffee Chats (Invitation Only)TBD9:00-6:00pm
Sep 30Professional Speaker Series - NextEra EnergyGER 1266:15pm
Oct 1FSOA Workshop - Robert Bushman, University of North CarolinaVirtual2:00-3:30pm
Oct 7DHG at UFGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:00-2:00pm
Oct 7Professional Speaker Series - DHGGER 1266:15pm
Oct 8Module 1 Classes End
Oct 8-9Homecoming - No Classes
Oct 11-15Module 1 Final Exams
Oct 14Professional Speaker Series - DeloitteVirtual6:15pm
Oct 15EY Tax Talk Meeting LinkVirtual11:30-12:15pm
Oct 15-16Florida Accounting SymposiumTallahassee, FL - FSU
Oct 18FSOAC General Body Meeting - Guest Speaker: ChewyGER 1266:00pm
Oct 20Pivot CPAs Meet and GreetGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00-1:00pm
Oct 22Peek Into PwC Register HereGER 1219:15-11:45am
Oct 25Module 2 Classes Begin
Oct 25-27Module 2 Drop/Add
Oct 26PwC Chomp Georgia! (Invitation Only)TBD6:00-7:00pm
Oct 27Beta Alpha Psi MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15pm-8:10pm
Oct 28Purvis Gray Meet and GreetGleim Atrium4:00pm
Oct 28Professional Speaker Series - Purvis GrayGER 1266:15pm
Nov 2CAP Mentors Tips and Tricks Open TableGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:40-11:45am
Nov 4EY Recruiter Drop-in Office HoursGER 2299:00-12:00pm
Nov 4EY Recruiter Drop-in Office HoursGER 2281:00-4:30pm
Nov 4Professional Speaker Series - EYGER 1266:15pm
Nov 5FSOA Workshops - Mark Zakota, University of FloridaGER 3272:00-3:30pm
Nov 11Veterans Day - No Classes
Nov 12FICPA Florida Accounting Educators Meeting (Invitation Only)Hough 1209:00am-5:00pm
Nov 12EY | Internship Field Day Register HereNorman Field11:00-2:30pm
Nov 13Fisher School Advisory Board - Fall UpdateGER 3279:00-11:00am
Nov 13Fisher School Alumni BBQJ. Michael Cook Commons, Gerson Hall11:00-1:00pm
Nov 15FSOAC General Body MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:00-8:00pm
Nov 17Beta Alpha Psi MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15pm-8:10pm
Nov 19FSOA Workshop - Robert Knechel, University of FloridaGER 3272:00pm-3:30pm
Nov 24-27Thanksgiving Break - No Classes
Dec 3FSOA Workshop - Sarah Rice, Texas A&M UniversityGER 3272:00-3:30pm
Dec 8Semester-Long Classes End
Dec 9-10Reading Days-No Classes (applies to semester-long courses only)
Dec 9PwC End Of Semester Celebration (Invitation Only)TBD6:00-8:00pm
Dec 10Module 2 Classes End
Dec 11-17Final Exams

Spring 2022

Oct 25 - Jan 3Advance Registration (at or after assigned start time)
Jan 3Module 3 classes begin
Jan 3-5Module 3 drop/add (drop a class or change sections)
Jan 5Semester-Long classes begin
Jan 5-7, 10-11Drop/Add for Semester-Long Classes (at or after assigned start time)
Jan 6Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Jan 10EY | Welcome Back Event!Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:30-2:30pm
Jan 10EY | Coffee Chats and Resume Reviews (Invite Only)TBD2:30-5:00pm
Jan 10EY | Winter Wonderland SocialTBD6:30-8:30pm
Jan 11EY | Recruiter Office HoursTBD10:00-3:00pm
Jan 12A&M Tax and Transaction Advisory Meet + GreetGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall11:00-2:00pm
Jan 12Beta Alpha Psi MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15-8:10pm
Jan 13Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Jan 17Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday - No Classes)
Jan 18Business, Economics & Law Research BrownbagGerson 32712:00-1:00pm
Jan 19“K”onnect with KPMGGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:00-2:00pm
Jan 19Deloitte | Spring Social!TBD6:00-8:00pm
Jan 20Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Jan 25KPMG Spring Kick-Off SocialOak Original American Kitchen6:00-8:00pm
Jan 26KPMG Office HoursTBD10:00-1:00pm
Jan 26Beta Alpha Psi MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15-8:10pm
Jan 27Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Jan 28Last day for Degree Applications (by 5:00pm)
Feb 2Resume Ramp-Up with the Auditor General’s OfficeGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall2:00-5:00pm
Feb 3Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Feb 9Drop by Deloitte!Gleim Atrium, Gerson Hall9:00-2:00pm
Feb 9Deloitte | Happy HourTBD6:00-8:00pm
Feb 10Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Feb 15Business, Economics & Law Research BrownbagGerson 32712:00-1:00pm
Feb 16Find Your Fit with KPMG Gleim Atrium & Babicz Terrace (weather permitting)1:00-4:00pm
Feb 16Beta Alpha Psi MeetingGER 126 & Gleim Atrium6:15-8:10pm
Feb 17Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Feb 18Module 3 classes end
Feb 21-25Module 3 Final Exam Week
Feb 24Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Feb 28Module 4 classes begin
Feb 28-Mar 2Module 4 drop/add
Mar 3Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Mar 7-11Spring Break
Mar 15Business, Economics & Law Research BrownbagGerson 32712:00-1:00pm
Mar 17Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Mar 24Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
Mar 29NextEra Company Information SessionGleim Atrium, Gerson Hall10:00-3:00pm
Mar 29Faculty Luncheon with NextEra CompanyGerson 32712:00-1:30pm
Mar 31Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
April 7Professional Speaker Series – TentativeTBD6:15pm
April 14FSOA Spring Awards Banquet (by invitation only)TBA
April 15FSOA Spring Advisory BoardTBA
April 19Business, Economics & Law Research BrownbagGerson 32712:00-1:00pm
April 20Semester-long classes end
April 21-22Reading Days (no classes)
Apr 22Module 4 classes end
Apr 23-29Semester-long and Module 4 Final Exams

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