Student of the Year Awards

Chrislynn Freed Master of Accounting Outstanding Student of the Year

Prior to 2017, our faculty would select a graduating MAcc student as our Outstanding MAcc Student of the Year, and that student would be recognized at our annual Awards Banquet and receive a plaque. In 2017, Chrislynn Freed’s husband, friends, and former students surprised her by donating to an endowment that provides a cash award to the recipient of this award.

Chrislynn Freed earned her bachelor’s in accounting from UF. After working in public accounting, she earned an MBA from the University of Southern California and recently retired from there as a Professor of Clinical Accounting. Freed remains connected to UF, serving as an active member of the Fisher School Advisory Board since 2008 and the UF Foundation National Board since 2015. Freed also held several positions with the California Society of CPAs, including being a trustee and past president of their Education Foundation. During July 2022, she received the California Society of CPAs Distinguished Service Award, which is the highest honor they award.

Through 2021-2022, the Student of the Year also received the Federation of Schools of Accountancy (FSA) Student Award. In 2022, the FSA was dissolved, and the FSA Student Award program was therefore suspended.

2023-2024Hallie Neal
2022-2023Alexia Byrd
2021-2022Catherine Weng
2020-2021Rebecca Witschel
2019-2020Jonathan Goren
2018-2019Dayna Simon
2017-2018Michael Dougherty
2016-2017Sallie Stern

Outstanding MAcc Student of the Year

2015-2016Cindy Dosch
2014-2015Diana Weng
2013-2014Allison Mansell
2012-2013Blake Hebbel
2011-2012Kira Warnock
2010-2011Allison Kays
2009-2010Anthony Vetter
2008-2009Marissa Van Regemorter
2007-2008Tracy Ann Frady
2006-2007Eugene Bert Toner
2005-2006Rachel Thibault
2004-2005Bridget M. Kalb
2003-2004Vincent Paul Oatis III
2002-2003Linda Townsend
2001-2002Bridget O’Loughlin
2000-2001Kelly Hunt
2000-2001James Hunt
1999-2000Adam Klein
1998-1999Cynthia Schindler
1997-1998Allison Langer
1996-1997Marianne Spanos
1995-1996Ingrid Thieler
1994-1995Leslie Smith
1993-1994Samir Chokshi
1992-1993Joe Heavener
1991-1992Lydia Hubbell
1990-1991Ken Cornell
1989-1990Kim Cornell