Fisher Student Experience

Fisher School of Accounting students

Fisher students experience a rigorous academic program that prepares them to be top performers as they begin their careers. Because of the outstanding preparation our students receive, they are highly sought after by recruiters from the Big Four and other public accounting firms, as well as other types of organizations.

Fisher students don’t have to go to the recruiters – the recruiters come to them. Firms often hold meet-and-greet and other events in Gerson Hall or elsewhere in Gainesville, where students can learn about the opportunities available to them. In the junior year, students are heavily recruited for summer leadership programs at the accounting firms, and later pursue internships which often lead to full-time job offers.

Many students also participate in the Fisher School of Accounting Council, the honorary organization Beta Alpha Psi, or other student organizations. Some students participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, providing a great community service while honing their accounting skills.