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Through your Warrington experience, you’ve transformed into a difference maker on campus and abroad. Because of you, Warrington continues to grow its reputation and be viewed as one of the top business schools in the country. Whether on campus or in cities around the globe, our alumni serve as a powerful voice for Warrington. As students, and now alumni, you help move the Warrington footprint forward.


Video Message from Dean Kraft
Video Message from Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff in the Warrington College of Business celebrate the Spring Class of 2020. Here's to you, Warrington graduates! You did it!
Graduate name reading
Jamie Kraft, Director of the Entrepreneurship Program, usually is a name reader at University of Florida and Warrington College of Business graduation ceremonies. This year, he decided to read the names of all 1400+ UF Warrington College of Business graduates in the Spring Class of 2020 from home. Congratulations, Business Gator graduates!

Watch video of the following ceremonies: