February 6-7, 2023

Jacksonville Beach, FL
National Science Foundation and the University of Florida


The National Science Foundation and the University of Florida present a premiere workshop in AI Governance in For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has economic and social impact in significant areas of human life. Algorithms are increasingly used to generate predictions that feed into decisions about who is eligible for insurance coverage, approved for bank loans, and selected for job interviews.

Since the data used for developing the algorithms can contain all sorts of biases, e.g., gender or racial prejudice, AI can inadvertently become discriminatory to certain groups.


February 6-7, 2023
One Ocean Resort and Spa
Jacksonville Beach, Florida


This workshop aims to develop interdisciplinary theories that can usefully guide organizations about not only how value is co-created through relationships with stakeholders but also how the value is ultimately distributed and how its distribution also influences value creation in the context of developing and deploying AI.

The focus of this workshop follows two main AI Governance themes: goal conflict and trade-off codification in both For-Profit and Not-for-Profit organizations.

Engaging multiple stakeholders in value creation: How does an organization achieve commitment from multiple stakeholders when they have conflicting goals (e.g., procedural and distributional justice vs. a focus on instrumentality in the name of efficiency)?

Trade-off codification in AI governance: What factors create the codification of trade-offs, assigning weights across competing objectives such as cost minimization vs. opportunity maximization?