The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management program at the University of Florida prepares students to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Technology advancements have put our students in position to discover effective methods and innovative strategies that help companies take the next big step.

The program gives students access to cutting edge data methods that line up with what employers around the world are looking for today. You’ll learn how to collect data, but more importantly, you’ll know how to analyze it and help companies make critical decisions.

Our STEM-accredited program offers three concentrations that are strategically designed to prepare students for life in the business world.

  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Supply Chain Management
Scholarship opportunities available to qualified students.

Program Highlights









  • Common majors include Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing

STEM Accredited

Our STEM-accredited program provides intensive preparation to make sure our graduates are ready to help companies use this data to their advantage. And the numbers prove it. With a class of 2022 placement rate of 93 percent, the entrance to Hough Hall is often filled with recruiters from consulting firms, government agencies, industry firms, and others trying to find the next standout employee from our program’s population.

Learn AI from the experts

Across all disciplines, the last decade of business has been transformed by the availability of data in financial services, manufacturing, retail and many other industries, and the faculty at Warrington have been at the forefront of this transformation. With 40+ Warrington faculty maintaining research and teaching interests in AI, students are guaranteed to learn from difference makers in the industry.

Our Graduates are in Demand

Graduates of our program leave with skills that are in high demand. Students gain the necessary skills to become a Data Analyst, IT Manager, Information Systems Specialist, or many other careers.

The demand for these positions continues to increase. As management executives see the value of information systems and supply chain principles, it makes graduates from our program more valuable to their companies and opens doors for future opportunities. But it’s not just about providing the skills. Through rigorous preparation, our programs develop confidence in students that they can thrive in their desired industry.

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Yuanjing Li

The MS-ISOM program allows me to enhance my computing skills and business knowledge at the same time to pursue my future career goals.

Yuanjing Li (MS-ISOM ’21)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be an Information Systems undergraduate to do the MS-ISOM?

You do not have to be an Information Systems undergraduate to do a MS-ISOM, as the degree will give you an edge with any background! Students enrolled in any UF bachelor’s program may pursue the MS-ISOM degree through the Combination Degree Program—where up to 16 credit hours may be counted as dual credit toward both degrees.

Common myth: The MS-ISOM only prepares me for IT jobs.

Fact: the skill sets in the MS-ISOM can be utilized in various industries and job scenarios… The MS-ISOM offers three tracks of focus: Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, and Data Science. Students gain the necessary skills to become a Data Analyst, IT Manager, Information Systems Specialist, Product and Project Manager, and many other careers.

How much background in computers or programming do I need to do the MS-ISOM?

You do not need any experience or background in computers or programming, just the desire to learn! The courses in MS-ISOM will teach you all of the technical knowledge needed and are designed for those who have no prior experience in the subject.

How can I get more information about the MS-ISOM to know if it is a good fit for me?

You can contact the MS-ISOM Business Career Services representative and Career and Academic Peer Mentors who are in the combination degree program to get more information about MS-ISOM. Additionally, to see if certain tracks for the MS-ISOM program are a good fit for you, you can attend meetings for technology-focused organizations in the business school like GatorTech and AIS that offer modules like Data Analytics and Cyber Security.

What are examples of jobs typical of MS-ISOM graduates (and salaries to expect)?

There are a variety of different job opportunities available for MS-ISOM graduates, ranging from functional to more technical roles. A few examples of technology companies that have hired MS-ISOM graduates are Nielsen, Microsoft, IBM, and General Electric, to consulting firms that have opportunities in technology like Accenture, EY, Deloitte, and Protiviti. Many of these companies have leadership and rotational programs upon graduation to further explore career opportunities. Salaries in 2017 ranged starting from $55K to $110K.

Are there Ambassadors in the MS-ISOM combination degree that I can talk to for advice before I decide to commit to starting the program?

Yes, we do have student ambassadors in the MS-ISOM Program. This group of students represent all four concentrations and have either entered the program as a traditional master’s student of combination degree student. Meet our ambassadors.

How do companies view the MS-ISOM compared to an MBA?

An MBA provides a general business background, whereas MS-ISOM coursework is more technology focused and offers three concentrations of focus: Data Science, Information Technology, and Supply Chain Management. Students gain the necessary skills to become Data Analysts, IT Managers, Information Systems Specialists, or many other careers.