Financial Information


The costs at the links below reflect estimated expenses. Your costs may vary.

The ISOM Department does not provide funding to MS students. Therefore, students should expect to cover their tuition, fees and housing for the duration of the time required to complete their degree. If funds are made available to assist students, they will be notified of process to apply for the funding.

Professional Development Fee

Students enrolled in Hough Masters programs pay a professional development fee which is used to develop key professional traits attractive to employers. Examples include team building activities, case competitions, career workshops, networking events, conferences and guest speakers. International students may pay a higher fee for workshops that address an introduction to the U.S. academic culture, working in teams, professional presentations and English writing skills appropriate for a business environment.

$350 for domestic students
$650 for international students attending the International Student Preparation Workshop

Combination Degree Students

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and/or Florida Prepaid will pay the undergraduate tuition rate for graduate courses. Students have to pay the difference between the undergraduate and graduate course costs.

Student Loans

To apply for federal student loans, please visit the U.S. Department of Education Free Application for Federal Student Aid website (international students will not be eligible for these).