In light of possible continued testing difficulties amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the UF Graduate School temporarily adjusted the GMAT and GRE testing policy. Through Fall of 2021, a GMAT or GRE score is waived for applicants to one of Warrington’s Specialized Master’s programs. Please contact the program administrators for updated application requirements and to check space availability.

The purpose of an internship is to provide students with career-related experience that is not attainable in a classroom situation. Participation in such an internship will give employers an opportunity to identify earlier those students they may wish to employ upon graduation.

These internships are available through the Career Connections Center and Business Career Services, networking events through AIS or by contacting the companies directly. Students are encouraged to seek out an internship by bringing their resume to the Career Expo or directly contacting potential employers.

Internships for credit are limited to employers willing to provide an experience to students in the area of information technology, analytics and/or supply chain management. It is expected that the intern will be exposed to the employer’s overall organization, operations and environment.

Internships are evaluated on a pass/fail basis in the form of an S/U (satisfactory / unsatisfactory) grade. Therefore, these internship credits will not be factored into your overall or major GPA.

Each employer determines whether or not its internship will be a paid position. It is the student’s responsibility to have a professional attitude toward the employer, learn and comply with the employer’s policies and procedures and accept the opportunity to learn. Maximum benefits will be received by the student who is receptive to new ideas, techniques and suggestions.

It is our hope that an internship will be a valuable educational experience for the student and have a significant impact on their professional and career development.

Students with an undergraduate business degree can register for a maximum of two internship credits in place of a two credit elective course. In the event that a student earns more than two credits through multiple internships, only two credits may be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

There are two types of internship opportunities available to students: off-campus corporate internships and on-campus internships (usually unpaid).

A popular on-campus internship is offered through UF IT’s Enterprise Systems, the department that creates, maintains, and supports technologies and information systems for nearly all of the university’s large-scale business and academic processes, such as payroll, admissions, purchasing, enterprise reporting, financial aid, course registration, enterprise reporting, payable time entry, grants, etc. Enterprise Systems collaborates with the MS-ISOM program in offering internship opportunities to students for the Fall, Spring, or Summer C semesters. Longer term non-credit internships may also be available.

All students seeking credit for an internship must follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that all registration holds for the semester in which you are planning your internship are removed.
  2. Complete the Internship Credit Approval Form. Important: International students without an undergraduate business major or minor are not approved to do a full-time internship outside of the summer semester.
  3. International students only: visit the Director of Admissions and Student Services in person to obtain the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Departmental Recommendation. When you submit your CPT paperwork and indicate an expected graduation date, your I-20 will reflect that graduation date. If it is before the normal two-year window for the I-20, your I-20 will be adjusted accordingly. Once this happens, you may not change your graduation date back and we will not submit an I-20 extension request on your behalf. Please indicate the most accurate graduation date that you can and be aware that it can’t change once it’s submitted to the federal government.
  4. Be registered for a maximum of two credits of QMB 6941 by the last day of drop/add published in the academic calendar for the term in which you are attempting to register. Normal graduate tuition rates apply and must be paid by the fee payment deadline for the semester in which you are registered.