Hubert Hurst Group

Huber Hurst Seminar Series

January 2024

Huber Hurst seminar participants in action

This intensive research seminar provides the opportunity for business law/legal studies scholars to present, discuss, and expand upon nearly completed research papers. Our goal is to foster high quality research and publication in our discipline by providing an unusual opportunity for sustained in-depth attention to research.

In January of each year the Florida legal studies group invites 6-8 scholars to take part in this intensive research seminar. Participants commit to:

  • Submitting their research papers to us by the paper submission deadline (late December or early January) before the Seminar. The specific date will be included in the application instructions.
  • Presenting the paper for discussion and analysis, receiving and reading each paper in advance.
  • Attending and participating in all sessions.
  • Mentioning the Seminar in footnotes of published research papers that have been presented at the Hurst Seminar.
Huber Hurst seminar participants in action

Participants provide their own transportation to the Seminar site. University of Florida and the co-sponsoring school (if co-sponsored that particular year), will provide room, meals and hospitality. The meeting will start Friday at noon and end on Saturday before lunch. Spouses and friends are welcome to travel with you to attend the Friday dinner.


The next Hurst Seminar takes place in January 2024. Please review the call for papers and application instructions.

Types of Research Papers

Huber Hurst seminar participants in action

The paper should be a major piece of legal research intended for publication in the ABLJ or other major law review/ journal. All business-law-related topics are welcomed unless otherwise specified in the application instructions. The paper should be in a research format accessible to a legal audience. It should not yet be published, but it should be in polished draft form so that it can benefit from comment and discussion. It can be accepted for publication but still be in the revision/editing stage, and it may have been presented at ALSB or regional or other professional meetings. Co-authored papers may be submitted, but only one author can attend.

How Papers Are Selected

Papers are selected according to each year’s designated topic of interest if stated. Remaining papers are then selected to satisfy the goal of obtaining a broad selection of topics and schools represented.