Call for Papers

The 2024 Seminar welcomes good papers on any business law/ethics topic.

Huber 2024

The 21st In-Person Huber Hurst Research Seminar
January 19-20, 2024

The 2024 Seminar will be held at the University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Hosted by: The University of Florida

The Legal Studies Groups at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business invite applications for the 21st In-Person Huber Hurst Research Seminar to be held on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida, January 19-20, 2024.

What is it?

We will invite 6-8 business ethics/law/legal studies scholars to take part in an intensive research seminar. Invitees commit to sending their research papers to the Florida Business Law/Legal Studies group no later than Friday, January 5, 2024, presenting the paper for extensive discussion and analysis, receiving and reading each paper in advance, attending and participating in all sessions, and mentioning the Seminar in the footnotes of published papers that were presented at the Hurst Seminar. Our goal is to help stimulate high quality research and publication in our discipline by providing an unusual opportunity for sustained in-depth attention to research.

What kind of research papers?

The paper should be a major piece of legal research intended for publication in the ABLJ, in a major law review/journal, or in a journal your school considers to be high quality. We welcome all business law or ethics related topics. Your paper should be in a research format accessible to a legal audience. It should not yet be published, but it should be in polished draft form so that it can benefit from comment and discussion. It may have been presented at the ALSB, regional, or other professional meeting. Most papers will not have already been accepted for publication, but if so, the paper must still be in the revision/editing stage. Co-authored papers may be submitted but only one author can attend. If your paper is multi-authored, please identify the author who will present at the Seminar.

What is involved?

Participants provide their own transportation to Gainesville, Florida. The hosting schools will provide room, meals and hospitality. Participants should plan to arrive before lunch Friday and stay until the Seminar’s conclusion (by 1:00 p.m. Saturday). We cover expenses for up to two nights in the Seminar hotel. Spouses and friends are welcome to come and attend the Friday dinner (please, just one guest); however, we have no other special activities planned for your guests.

How does one apply?

Please send a brief, one-page abstract of your paper together with a current curriculum vita via email (subject: Hurst Seminar Application). Please send the abstract and vita to Prof. Robert Emerson.

We must receive your submission on or before Monday, October 30, 2023. We will notify you of our decision by November 13, 2023 so that you will have time to complete your paper and meet the January 5, 2024 deadline.

How will papers be selected?

We will choose papers to satisfy our goals of obtaining a broad selection of topics and schools represented. The Seminar is intended to serve ALSB members teaching law-and-ethics-related courses in business schools, and submissions from this cohort receive priority consideration. However, we consider submissions from “ALSB friends”–those with some affinity to business law and the ALSB mission. Obviously, we must limit attendance, but we plan to continue the Seminar as long as it contributes to the discipline.