Designed for non-business majors

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program is designed specifically for individuals with non-business academic backgrounds/degrees. Students come from a wide variety of undergraduate majors and backgrounds bringing different perspectives that create a dynamic educational experience. Students in the program gain a valuable business knowledge and strengthen transferable skills.

Program Highlights

  • One year master’s for non-business majors
    • Business minors are eligible to apply
    • Part-time option available on campus
  • No work experience required
  • Core business courses (22 credits)provide a solid business foundation
  • Elective courses (10 credits) allow you to tailor you degree
  • Career Services from business career coaches
  • Study abroad opportunities at more than 30 elite business schools (optional)
  • Diverse experience through curriculum, study abroad, internship opportunities, and a variety of perspectives from students and faculty
  • On-campus or Online formats available
  • For UF students: option to begin working on the degree while completing UF undergraduate studies or graduate work

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply?

You can apply to MSM if you…

  • are not currently enrolled as a business major
  • have not earned a degree in business of any kind

Learn more on our Admissions page.

What is the difference between MSM and MBA and why should I do MSM instead of MBA?

The first big difference between MBA and MSM is work experience. Good MBA programs that are consistently highly ranked in the most recognized ranking mechanisms require professional work experience, usually a minimum of two to five years. MSM does not require work experience. The second big difference is time. A traditional on-campus full-time MBA program is 2 years. An MSM from UF takes one year and is the equivalent of the first year of our traditional 2-year MBA (core courses). MSM’s are enrolled in classes with the same professors who are teaching the MBA’s, although they are in separate cohorts (groups). With the addition of some specific electives, the coursework is equivalent. The second year of an MBA allows for specialization in a particular area of interest. With MSM, you leave with a solid business foundation and enter the workforce sooner.

If you have recently graduated or plan on doing a graduate business degree immediately after getting your bachelor’s degree, you should think about the following when comparing MSM to MBA:

  • If you get your MBA right after the MSM degree, you use up an opportunity that you can never use again. If you want to change industries or acquire another specialization later on in your life, you will not be able to get another MBA in order to do so. Getting an MSM now does not eliminate the future MBA opportunity but enhances it. In the future, you would be able to look at a one-year MBA program because you would already have a business degree.
  • What is the research, organizational, and international activity of the majority of professors teaching in that MBA program? Are they recognized in their fields?
  • What will my peer group be like? Things to consider: age of students, undergraduate backgrounds, diversity, motivation, ability to unite and work in teams effectively.
  • Is this Business School and University world-renowned and respected by higher education and the corporate world alike?

Several students doing the MSM program each year think they may want to do an MBA later in life, especially if an employer pays for it. They choose to do MSM because of the recognition and respect UF and the Warrington College of Business have around the world. Also, in completing a Master’s degree before they start their careers, they already have a tool that will help them advance and move into the higher ranks of a company or organization. One never knows if going back to school later in life will be a viable option. Because travel and international study are difficult later when you are more settled and have obligations you may not have at a younger age, MSM does offer the flexibility to allow students an opportunity to participate in study abroad if they wish but it will likely lengthen the program and push back your graduation term.

If I do MSM at UF, can I automatically get an MBA at UF?

No. You must apply separately to UF MBA and meet their criteria for admission. UF’s MBA program is ranked nationally and internationally; it is very competitive. For further information, visit the UF MBA website.

What are the MSM classes like?

The MSM classes are intense, fast moving and taught in shortened modules. A 2-credit course meets two times per week for 100 minutes each meeting time. And, because courses are offered in 8-week periods, it is possible to have a quiz or project due during the second week of class. In addition, time spent outside of the classroom will be critical to positive performance. MSM is also different in the fact students are obtaining a master’s degree in a field they are totally unfamiliar with, therefore the work can be particularly challenging. This makes time management and commitment extremely important. Most of the courses require teamwork and group projects, so the ability to work well and communicate with others is a key to success in the program. Students looking for an individualized or solitary work environment will not find it in the MSM program. The teamwork structure presents a microcosm of the workplace and allows students to practice their interpersonal skills along with their newly found knowledge in a hands-on fashion.

Can I do an MSM online or in the evening or on the weekends?

Currently, no. As we explain in the Program Options on our website, we do not have distance learning courses nor do we have weekend or evening classes. MSM is an on-campus program and classes take place during the day. Our “part-time” option only indicates a reduced credit load and longer timeline for completion of all 32 required credits. Part-time students are in Gainesville or the vicinity and they have made arrangements with employers (who allow them to be flexible with their work schedule) in order to take 1-2 classes each module. Work and other activities should not interfere with a commitment to MSM. This is a fast-moving one-year program and was designed with the full-time student in mind. However, there is an online option in the works and further information will be forthcoming.

Can I do a minor with the MSM program?

Yes, but the minor must be from a department outside of the Warrington College of Business and you must have permission from the MSM advisor as well as the other department and College. MSM is an interdisciplinary degree using courses from all departments in Warrington. For this reason, you cannot do an official UF graduate minor from any department in Warrington. This is a UF Graduate School rule.

Can I participate in a study abroad when I am in the MSM program?

The MSM program is highly structured with core courses offered in every module. Students who wish to do a study abroad within the one year are limited to short term summer options during a time when you can avoid interfering with core courses. If an MSM wishes to do a longer study abroad, they may do so but will need to work with an advisor to come up with a program of study as to how they will complete the MSM program. This option may require you to graduate a term later than just in the typical one-year. Details can be discussed with Ana Portocarrero, the Director of the MSM and MIB programs. We also recommend that the student consider application to and pursuit of the Master of International Business as a concurrent graduate degree.

Can I participate in an internship when I am in the MSM program?

Since most MSM’s have little to no work experience, it is valuable to have an internship to include on your resume. Unlike a study abroad, there are usually no short-term options and typical internships last from 8-10 weeks or possibly longer depending on the organization. MSM’s who elect to participate in an internship must be prepared to graduate later than their peers. The student is responsible for procuring his/her own internship with guidance from our Business Career Service office or the UF Career Resource Center. The MSM program does not arrange internships for students nor can we offer much assistance.

Internships usually require students to be enrolled in school and if this is the case, we would assign you to a 2 credit “internship” class so you could participate. However, these 2 credits will not be counted toward MSM credit and would be additional credits/cost beyond the required 32. We have had a number of MSM’s hired by companies/organizations who hosted their internships. An internship is an excellent way to “try-out” a company and “get your foot in the door.” It is a chance for them to rate you as a potential employee as well.

How does this program compare to other Master of Science in Management programs?

The MSM program at The University of Florida is one of the first and still fairly unique in the United States. If you research various master’s programs that offer a Master of Science in Management, you will find few exactly like MSM. MSM students receive a high-quality classroom education from world-renowned University of Florida professors who are also teaching the UFMBA program students. There are more MSM degrees popping up at other universities but many of them require a business background or they tend to specialize in a particular area, such as Information Systems Management or Human Resources. MSM at UF is unique in that it offers students from backgrounds other than business the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in the field of business from a highly ranked College of Business without a minimum requirement of work experience.

The program requires much group and teamwork and it also offers many opportunities for students to get to know each other as well as forming long-lasting friendships. Our students typically comment positively on the program because of the diversity and backgrounds of the students within the program. They also appreciate the ability to create their own unique experiences within MSM based on their personal needs and interests such as the certificate options, the Poe Ethics Center, the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, the Retail Center and the ability to focus electives in a particular concentration. We have heard frequently from former students that doing the MSM program was one of the best decisions they ever made!

MSM is a challenging and rigorous program. It is fast paced and intense; you will work very hard and must manage your time effectively. You will learn practical lessons in management through the group projects and teamwork. You will have access to top level career assistance and opportunities to participate in activities and events to network with potential employers. And, you will also have a lot of fun while you gain a solid business background that will allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible, open up opportunities that were previously closed and give you a skill set that will sustain you throughout your lifetime.

What is my weekly time commitment for schoolwork?

The schoolwork commitment for MSM’s is too high for full time students to maintain full time employment. Some students are able to maintain part-time work up to about 15 hours a week. The typical equation is for every hour spent in class, there should be 3 hours of study time and depending on the individual student it may be higher.

Am I eligible for student football tickets?

Yes. All MSM students are eligible to apply to the football lottery in the spring term. Go to for information.

I am a UF employee. Can I do the MSM program and will MSM be covered by the Employee Education Program (EEP)?

Yes and yes. You should discuss your plans and the MSM program with your supervisor and determine if they can offer you the flexibility to attend classes during the day since we currently do not have evening or weekend classes or distance learning. We are in the process of launching an online MSM program in the future and will advertise this once we have the information. MSM is fortunate to be able to offer a part-time option to students and employees. If your supervisor agrees and is supportive, you will need to fully apply and be admitted to MSM.

Once admitted, you may submit your paperwork to EEP. Keep in mind that as a part-time student, you will need to meet with an MSM advisor to get a general plan for your program of study. You may register yourself for classes but you must adhere to the EEP rules and guidelines. You should You should review the EEP website or visit the UF Human Resources for details on pursuing a degree through EEP and you will need to be in constant contact with that office. One thing to note: EEP will not cover an MBA as they are “off-book” courses and the tuition is at a much higher rate.

Since my registration appointment will always be on the first day of classes, will I be guaranteed a seat in the classes?

Yes and No. As an MSM student you will likely be able to get into the required courses without a problem but if there are two sections of a course, you may not get your first choice. The difficulty usually lies with elective courses because of popularity but typically EEP students are able to get into elective courses they like and finish the degree.