On-Campus Options

The Master of International Business allows business majors or minors to take the next step in their education, specialize their business education and gain a global perspective. Upon completion of the required curriculum, students are awarded a Master of International Business.

Traditional Master’s

This 30-credit Master’s program is designed to be completed in one-year. However, it is possible to take a lighter course load and complete the program in 1.5 or 2 years. Classes are intense because they are taught in shortened eight-week modules. Most courses require teamwork and group projects, so the ability to work well and communicate with others is a key to success in the program. One Global Immersion Experience trip is required.

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Combination Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

Only current UF business undergraduate students may be admitted to the Combination Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree option and begin graduate coursework while still an undergraduate.

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Graduate Dual Degree

For current UF graduate or professional students only. The Master of International Business degree allows current graduate and professional students to diversify their skills with a strong business foundation. Dual degree students can share a total of nine credits between both graduate/professional programs, shortening the duration of the Master’s degree.

  • Concurrent Degree (Between Master’s program + Master’s program )
  • Non-Traditional Ph.D./Master’s (Between Ph.D. program + Master’s program)
  • Professional Joint Degree (Between JD, MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD programs +Master’s program)

Learn more about admissions and how to apply for the Dual degree option.