Global Immersion Experience id="mib-gie"


All MIB students are required to participate in this brief, but intensive international immersion experience and will be able earn two credits toward their degree. Students visit businesses and organizations to hear managers and executives discuss their experiences working in that country and abroad.

  • Length: 1 week
  • Past locations: Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, London, Munich, Paris, and Prague
Program StartGIE Dates
FallFall Break (mid-October)
SpringSpring Break (early-to-mid March)
Summer BSummer Break (early May)

MIB Global Immersion Experience trips are designed to give students an overview of foreign business practices and the global constraints within which businesses operate. By visiting various businesses and organizations, as well as participating in academic lectures, students will gain a more practical understanding of international business problems and practices from individuals who work in a foreign environment.

Study Abroad Opportunities id="mib-study-abroad"


The ability to study for a term (or shorter) at a top foreign school is one of the greatest features of the MIB Program. Students get a different “international” perspective from their professors and peers. The total immersion experience of a foreign environment allows students to develop independence, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and problem-solving skills, which are highly-valued traits by potential employers. Finally, successfully navigating new surroundings is personally rewarding and fun!

  • After completion of the core course on the UF campus, students are free to earn MIB credit through a foreign study program.
  • Trips can be as short as two weeks or as long as eight months.
  • Most programs offer courses taught in English, however, students demonstrating foreign language proficiency may take courses in other languages.
Program StartTypical Terms
FallSpring and/or Summer
SpringSummer and/or Fall
Summer BSpring and/or Summer

Students who study abroad can select any courses they wish, provided that they are graduate business (or related, i.e., law, political environment) courses. This gives individuals the freedom to tailor the program to a specific area of their interest, such as finance or e-commerce. Students also have the option of taking courses at two different exchange sites. Students can also participate in a study abroad at a non-partner school if they receive prior approval from the MIB program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to study abroad when I am in the MIB program?

In addition to the mandatory one week Study Tour in October, students without prior international experience are strongly encouraged to study abroad, as it enhances your academic experience and adds value to your international business degree. There are very short program options (2 weeks) for students who have financial or family constraints. Or, a long option of up to 6 months can be selected. A study abroad experience is truly a once in a lifetime experience and students should take advantage of it before they devote a lifetime to employment!

What are my foreign study options?

We now have more than 30 exchange options around the world. They are listed on the MIB website and you can link to a detailed profile of each school from the Study Abroad page. MIB students are able to choose a variety of courses when they do an exchange. This enables them to tailor the program toward their career interests.