Graduate Exchange Students

Welcome! The Warrington College of Business understands the need for practical international education and is constantly striving to make our graduate exchange students’ stay at the University of Florida a wonderful and educational experience.

The graduate exchange office within the Warrington College of Business is here to help students prepare for and thrive in their new environment. The information below outlines some important aspects of the UF Graduate Business Exchange program. Complete, detailed information will be provided to all accepted students after the nomination process.

Exchange Application

All exchange students need to apply at their home universities and must be nominated for an exchange at the University of Florida. Refer to the UF International Center (UFIC) Incoming Exchange Student page for exchange application process details.

Important Documents

The UF Graduate Business Exchange Student Guide contains important details about:

  • essential UF contacts
  • course schedules and registration
  • academic and computer information
  • important dates
  • student life in Gainesville

You may request this document by emailing Andrea Kim, the academic advisor for all visiting graduate business exchange students. The UF Graduate Business Exchange Student Guide is provided to all incoming graduate business exchange students after their acceptance.

Course Registration

Exchange students are not able to register themselves for courses. To be registered, you must complete all the registration requirements and submit a course request form.

Detailed registration reminders are sent by email to incoming graduate business exchange students after the nomination and acceptance processes are completed.

The graduate course syllabi page contains previous semesters’ course syllabi. Syllabi for upcoming semester are not posted until the week courses begin. It is recommended that students reference an older syllabus of courses of interest. New courses may not have syllabi available until the first day of classes.

The Graduate Business Exchange program advisor will register students for classes on the regular registration date noted per term on the Hough Academic Calendar. Students are unable to register themselves. Courses at UF fill quickly, so students are encouraged to complete course registration requirements as early as possible to improve their chances of getting their top course choices.

  1. Create a “GatorLink” account (see fact sheet/student guide for instructions)
  2. Submit required immunization and insurance documents.
    We are unable to register any students who have immunization or insurance holds! Please submit those forms as soon as possible. If you have questions about insurance or immunizations, please email the Health Compliance Office or call 352-294-2925.
  3. Submit online course request form before the regular registration date noted per term on the Hough Academic Calendar:
    1. Go to the Graduate Exchange Course Request
    2. Login with your Gatorlink ID
    3. List all of your first choice graduate business courses (entered into requested schedule section) and at least 2 alternate courses, one for each module.
    4. List the course #, course title, class/section #, module and # of credits (refer to the MIB course schedule for this information)
      • The course offering, class/section numbers and meeting times will change every term, so please make sure to submit a course request form with the information for the correct term/year!
      • Reminder: For graduate business course information, you should only refer to the MIB course schedule posted on the graduate business exchange student website.
    5. If you need to make changes to your course request form, submit a new form with all of your preferred courses. The MIB advisor will use the most recent version when registering you.
  4. Remove holds on ONE.UF
    1. Login with your Gatorlink ID
    2. Locate the heading “Holds” and click on “Check Holds”. The most common holds are listed below, and require you to take some specific action.
    3. Complete Emergency Contact Information
      Complete the emergency contact information form. Make sure you click the “submit” button so that the information is saved!
    4. Complete Registration Acknowledgement
      Follow the instructions/links to complete the form. Make sure you “accept” all terms and click on the “submit” button.
    5. Complete Campus Clarity “Think about it”
      Required training module about alcohol awareness. This can take 3+ hours to complete.

Questions: If you need help with course registration email Andrea Kim.

You must complete the course request form to let us know the courses you would like to take. Further information about this form will be sent out via email after the application deadline.

Please refer to the Graduate Course Schedule to determine what courses will be available during the semester you are at UF.

Resources for Hough Students

Please visit the Hough Current Students website to learn more about:

Campus Resources

As a graduate exchange student, you have the opportunity to participate in programs offered by the centers within the College, such as the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center. Entrepreneurship and international knowledge and experiences are a natural pairing for students who are creative, motivated, and driven by a desire to take risks. We encourage you to partake in the activities offered through the Center.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center is an active unit offering guest speakers, a business plan competition, courses, and a certificate in New Venture Creation. Also offered is the Gator Nest program, which allows students to participate in and conduct research through a consulting project.

UF Career Resource Center

The UF Career Resource Center (CRC) is a comprehensive office offering career services and professional planning to all UF students (including exchange students). The CRC will not find you an internship or job, but they will give you the tools, resources, and assistance necessary to aid you in your efforts. Whether you are preparing for career activity in your home country, or you hope to secure an internship or full-time job in the United States, the CRC is an office that you should visit more than once. The more you utilize their services, the better they are able to help you.

Global Business Society

Global Business Society is a student-run organization that serves to promote cross-cultural interaction and understanding as it relates to business. In addition to planning social events for UF degree-seekers and exchange students, they also might host speakers and arrange for educational field trips. Exchange students who are curious about American culture and business practices, and want to make friends at the University of Florida, are encouraged to join our society for the time that they are in Gainesville. You will make friends and future business contacts for a lifetime!

UF NaviGators International

The UF NaviGators International program is a buddy matching program operated by the UF International Center, designed to give incoming exchange students an outlet for socialization and getting help from current UF students. The NaviGators also plan group social events for exchange students such as a weekend in Orlando visiting the theme parks, a day at the beach, and other events in the evenings or on the weekends in Gainesville.

TriP Program

The TriP program offers inexpensive outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming with dolphins and backpacking. The trips are in various parts of Florida and the southeastern United States. Costs of the trips include meals, transportation and equipment. This is also a great way to meet other UF students.


If you would like to get involved in the community and donate some of your time and experience to a good cause, you can sign up to be a volunteer. Many schools and community organizations need students to perform volunteer work.

General Recreation & Intramural Sports

The University of Florida offers recreation and wellness activities. Most programs begin at the start of the semester. The University of Florida has an organized sport and tournament program for 14 sports, including tennis, soccer, softball and volleyball. There are also a variety of clubs for over 48 different sports, such as swimming, wrestling, soccer, flag football, cycling, equestrian sports, hockey, golf, aikido, tennis, sailing and many more! Any interested student can participate. It is a great way to stay in shape and meet like-minded students.