Online Master of International Business

UF Master of International Business students explain how the program has benefitted them, and why they first became interested in it.
A global business perspective from anywhere in the world.

The University of Florida’s Master of International Business (MIB) is designed to prepare you for the global economy. Our one-year program, designed for business majors or minors, allows you to gain global experience through the internationally-focused core curriculum, study abroad & diverse perspectives of student body and faculty. The MIB is a pre-experience program intended for students with little or no professional work experience. The online option requires zero campus visits, but students are required to participate in a one-week Global Immersion Experience trip.

Learn more about admissions and how to apply for the Traditional Degree option.

Combination Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree

Current UF students admitted to the combination option can begin graduate coursework while still an undergraduate, with the approval of their undergraduate department. Students can apply a maximum of 12 credits of graduate coursework to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Graduate Dual Degree

The Master of International Business degree allows current graduate and professional students to diversify their skills with a strong business foundation. Dual degree students can share a total of nine credits between both graduate/professional programs, shortening the duration of the degree.

  • Concurrent Degree (Between Master’s program + Master’s program )
  • Non-Traditional Ph.D./Master’s (Between Ph.D. program + Master’s program)
  • Professional Joint Degree (Between JD, MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD programs +Master’s program)

Learn more about admissions and how to apply for the Dual Degree option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MIB and MBA programs?

MBA programs generally require at least two years of work experience. Our MIB program does not have a work experience requirement, and offers students flexibility in tailoring their program and international experience through a generous amount of elective credits. Here are some things you should think about when comparing MIB to MBA:

  • If you get your MBA right after the bachelor’s degree, you use up an opportunity that you can never use again. What will you do if you then want to change industries or acquire another specialization later on in your life? You will not be able to get another MBA in order to do so.
  • How long is the MBA program? If it is 1 ½ or two years, is the extra cost worth it as compared to the one-year MIB? Is there a difference in the return on investment?
  • Does the MBA program offer flexibility in coursework and diverse international experiences at highly respected global business schools? Is the curriculum comprehensively international or global in focus?
  • What is the research, organizational, and international activity of the majority of professors teaching in that MBA program? Are they recognized in their fields?
  • What will my peer group be like? Things to consider: age of students, undergraduate backgrounds, diversity, motivation, ability to unite and work in teams effectively.
  • Is this business school and university globally recognized and respected by higher education and the corporate world alike?
  • Will graduate studies, international study or travel be more difficult later in life when you are more settled and have more obligations?
  • Will you want to take time off from your career once you have started working to go back to school?
  • If you have significant work experience, how will you feel about pursuing a degree designed for little to no work experience with students who may just out of college?