Combined Degree

Save time and money, while becoming more competitive in the job market, with a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree.

Open only to current UF business students, the combined Master of International Business option allows students to begin graduate coursework while still an undergraduate, helping them stand out among their peers and be more competitive in the job market after graduation while saving time and money.

Undergraduate students can often graduate with their Master of International Business degree in less than one extra year, sometimes as little as one extra semester. If students complete the maximum of 21 credits while they are undergraduate students, they would only need to complete nine additional credits to earn their master’s degree.


Double Counting Courses

How does it work?

Students wishing to double count courses to both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees may use graduate courses to substitute for undergraduate major requirements, restricted elective requirements and general elective requirements with the approval of their undergraduate department.

Students who major in a business subject (general business, finance, marketing, etc.) MUST complete all seven tracking courses before beginning the program. Completion of FIN3403 Business Finance and MAR3023 Principles of Marketing before beginning the program (strongly preferred).

Students are advised to enroll in the undergraduate course they are trying to substitute during regular registration and only drop it once they have successfully registered for the graduate course equivalents. Approved substitutions for business majors and course scheduling is subject to change at any time.

Each student accepted to the program will sit down with an advisor to develop timelines of their courses. Some example timelines:

Cost Benefits

Most undergraduate scholarships (including Bright Futures) and Florida Prepaid will cover a portion of your graduate tuition while you are still an undergraduate. Students must compensate for the difference between the undergraduate and graduate tuition.

Example of Savings:

  • $2556 savings for 12 undergraduate credits (based on Fall 2016 tuition) not taken because they were substituted with grad business courses
  • $2163 savings by applying FL Bright Futures to 21 graduate business credits ($103 X 21).

Time Benefits

As a combined student, you could potentially earn your master’s degree in the semester after earning your bachelor’s. If students complete the maximum of 21 credits while they are undergraduate students, they would only need to complete 9 additional credits to earn their master’s degree!

Leaving Warrington with an undergraduate degree already makes students stand out when searching for a job. Having a master’s degree gives you one more impressive piece to showcase to recruiters.