Students have access to career services through Business Career Services and UF Career Resource Center.

Business Career Services

Business Career Services provides a total career services experience for our students, graduates, and business partners. Their services include:

  • Individual career coaching
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Graduate Business-Only Career Fair
  • Company Information Sessions
  • Access to Job Search Engines
  • Corporate and government outreach and relations

UF Career Resource Center

The UF Career Resource Center (CRC), which was ranked “Best Career Services” by The Princeton Review in 2010, serves all UF students. Their services include:

  • Individual career advising
  • Workshops and Information sessions
  • UF Career Fair Showcase, fall and spring terms
  • Library and job posting database services for career research

Who Hires Our Students?

Review Business Career Services’ list of organizations that have recruited UF business graduate students.

MIB Graduate Careers

MIB Graduates follow diverse career paths, depending on undergraduate majors and personal interests. Some examples include:

Bank of AmericaCountry Risk Analyst
Department of StateDiplomatic Security
CitigroupVice President, Global Mergers & Acquisitions
BB&TLeadership Associate
The New YorkerMarketing Manager
American Health ClinicsSales and Marketing Director
USAIDPrivate Sector Development Officer
Ameriprise FinancialFinancial Advisor
Johnson & JohnsonSales
IBM CorporationInternational Project Manager
AACSB InternationalDirector, Global Research
CitiManagement Associate
China Intelligent LightingInvestor Relations
SeaWorld of FloridaHuman Resources Representatives
Federal Reserve Bank of AtlantaSafety and Soundness Examiner
Bureau of Labor StatisticsIndustry Analyst
United States Agency for International DevelopmentForeign Service Officer

Former students have continued education in Law, Medical, and PhD programs as well as started their own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of job offers do MIB graduates usually receive?

Our students have diverse educational, activity and work/ internship backgrounds. So, the jobs pursued and secured by our students can vary tremendously. Though some recent graduates and several alumni are working abroad, MIB graduates generally will not get an overseas assignment right out of school because of the lack of work experience and proven professional success. It is possible, however, for you to secure a job that utilizes your international background and knowledge, and requires some international travel, if that is what you actively pursue. Well-known consulting firms such as Accenture and Ernst & Young as well as large multinationals such as Citigroup, FedEx, Motorola, and ING have hired MIBs in the years since the program began. Some students also choose small or start-up companies, government jobs, or pursue more education such as law school or PhD programs. The intense curriculum, study tour, and international study opportunities are all designed to encourage a managerial, creative solutions thought process relating to all business operations of multinational corporations as well as domestic companies and organizations. The knowledge and experiences gained from MIB can help you excel in a multitude of career paths. The MA degree is not a “magic ticket” to a big title and large starting salary directly upon graduation, but instead it is a tool that can be used, combined with your other assets and experience, to significantly enhance your long-term career and salary potential.

How much does the average MIB graduate make in the first year?

Starting salaries follow the current economic trends, and also vary greatly depending on the industry. The average salary package for the Class of 2008 was $51,000. Starting packages (salary + bonus) will vary between industries, current state of the economy and individual student background. A typical MIB student without professional work experience should expect to start in the range of $38,000- 62,000. We have seen that the majority of our students get a significant raise or promotion within the first two years at a company/ organization. Or, once they have acquired a few years of professional experience, students move on to another job at a much higher salary. In 2008, corporate financial training programs and sales related positions within the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries were offering the highest starting packages. U.S. government jobs are becoming more available and are climbing in starting salary as well since a large part of that work force will retire in the next 10 years.