Online Format Combination Degree

Save time and money, while becoming more competitive in the job market, with a combination bachelor’s/master’s degree.

Only open to current UF undergraduate students, the online combination degree option allows students to begin graduate coursework before earning the bachelor’s degree.


Combination students can double count graduate credits toward the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They can earn the master’s degree in as little as one semester after earning the bachelor’s degree.


Most undergraduate scholarships will cover a portion of your graduate tuition while you are still an undergraduate. Students must compensate for the difference between the undergraduate and graduate tuition rates.

Example of savings for student who double counted 12 credits and received Florida Bright Future’s (Florida Academic Scholar rate) Scholarship:

  • $2544 savings for 12 undergraduate credits (12 X $212) not taken because they were substituted with graduate business courses (based on Fall 2018 tuition).
  • $2544 savings by applying Florida Bright Future’s (to 12 graduate credits (12 X $212)

Double Counting Courses id="online-double-count"

Students wishing to double count courses to both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees may use graduate courses to substitute for undergraduate major requirements, restricted elective requirements and general elective (e.g. 3000 level or above) requirements with the approval of their undergraduate department.

If a student cannot double count graduate courses, they can take a maximum of 15 graduate credits that will only count toward the master’s degree. This must be approved by their undergraduate department.