Financial Information

In light of possible continued testing difficulties amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the UF Graduate School temporarily adjusted the GMAT and GRE testing policy. Through Fall of 2021, a GMAT or GRE score is waived for applicants to one of Warrington’s Specialized Master’s programs. Please contact the program administrators for updated application requirements and to check space availability.

Most students pay for the program with personal funds, federal loans (U.S. students only), or private loans. A limited number of partial merit scholarships are available.


Estimated CostsAmount
Florida Resident*
Non-Florida Resident*
Professional Development Fee$350
Total Books & Materials$1,400
Food, transport, & other$4,500

Students enrolled in Hough Masters programs pay a professional development fee which is used to develop key professional traits attractive to employers. Examples include team building activities, case competitions, career workshops, networking events, conferences and guest speakers. International students may pay a higher fee for workshops that address an introduction to the U.S. academic culture, working in teams, professional presentations and English writing skills appropriate for a business environment.

*Tuition (32 credit hours), based on Fall 2020 tuition costs:

  • Florida Resident: $530.69
  • Non-Florida Resident: $1255.41

Tuition is due per semester (2 modules), 2 weeks after the start of classes, and is based on the number of credit hours for which you are registered in that semester. Tuition fees are subject to change between academic years. Refer to the University Bursar website for the most updated tuition fees.


A limited number of partial merit scholarships ($2000-$5000) are awarded each year. Scholarships are awarded through the admission process (no application necessary).

We do not use Master’s level students to teach in our College, therefore we do not offer teaching assistantships or fellowships.

Florida Bright Futures recipients who graduated with their Bachelor’s degree in 7 semesters/105 credits or less may be eligible to apply remaining Bright Futures funding to the first semester of a graduate program. Contact your undergraduate financial aid adviser for more information.

Florida Pre-Paid students, before cashing out a pre-paid account, contact your undergraduate financial aid adviser for more information about using remaining pre-paid funds for graduate tuition.

Federal Student Aid and Loans

Most students (U.S. Citizens/U.S. Residents) are eligible to receive federal loans. To apply for federal loans, you must complete the Federal Student Aid FAFSA Application.

You can get more details on the UF Financial Aid website.

For questions, contact a Hough Financial Aid Adviser:

Connie Reed
Hough Hall 203

International Students

No federal or state loan or grant programs exist for international students. International students must be able to pay the cost of tuition and living expenses. Please refer to the UF International Center website for information regarding financial aid, tuition waivers, campus employment, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any scholarships or assistantships available? Do I have to apply for them?

The MSM office offers no assistantships for teaching or research. We generally do have limited money available for small MSM scholarships. Once a student begins courses, a notification will be sent out to all students at the beginning of the term who are interested in applying for scholarship monies. There are a few Merit-based and a few Need-based awards and the typical award is between $1500 and $3000. Recommendations as well as the resume also play a very important part since selection is highly competitive.

International students: No federal or state loan or grant programs exist for international students. International students must be able to pay the cost of tuition and living expenses. Please refer to the External Financial Aid Resources links on this page as well as these links on the UF International Center website to view possible resources.

The MSM office is unable to assist you with these issues.

How can I calculate the costs for participating in a UF graduate program?

Please refer to the cost calculator. Information regarding fee deadlines, payments, refunds, holds, loans, etc, can also be found here.