Program Options

In light of possible continued testing difficulties amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the UF Graduate School temporarily adjusted the GMAT and GRE testing policy for Spring 2021. For Spring 2021 admissions, applicants to one of Warrington’s Specialized Master’s programs will no longer be required to submit a GMAT or GRE score as part of the admissions process. Please contact the program administrators for updated application requirements and to check space availability.

The Master of Science in Management allows you to gain a solid business foundation in one year. Whether you’re looking to transition into a business field or want a business background to assist your career in another field, this program delivers an innovative educational experience for all students.

  • Traditional Option
  • Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Option
  • Dual Degree Option

All options are available on campus and online.


For students completing a bachelor’s degree before the program start. The Traditional Option allows non-business majors to enhance their undergraduate education with a Master of Science in Management degree.

  • Full and part-time options
  • Business minors are eligible to apply
  • Earn degree in one year (32 credits)


For current UF undergraduate students only. The combined Master of Science in Management degree option allows students to begin graduate coursework while still an undergraduate, helping them stand out among their peers and be more competitive in the job market after graduation while saving time and money.

  • Double count credits between bachelor and master degrees
  • Save time & money

Graduate Dual Degree

For current UF graduate or professional students only. Dual degree students can share a total of nine credits between both graduate/professional programs, shortening the duration of the Master of Science in Management degree.

  • Concurrent Degree (Between Master’s program + Master’s program)
  • Non-Traditional Ph.D./Master’s (Between Ph.D. program + Master’s program)
  • Professional Joint Degree (Between JD, MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD programs + Master’s program)