Outstanding Event of the Year

This award is presented to the Warrington organization that sponsored the most innovative project or program which primarily benefited the members of the organization, college, or university. This can be a one-time event or an ongoing program. Projects or programs that took place between January 2023 and completed by December 2023, are eligible for consideration. If the event is a community service activity, please apply to Outstanding Service Project of the Year instead.

In order to apply for this award, please review all information below. Applications open Friday, January 12th and must be submitted by 11:59PM on Sunday, February 4th. You may showcase anything in your application that occurred between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.


For the award application, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Please review the Recognition and Awards page to ensure your organization type (department-sponsored versus student organization) is eligible to apply for this particular award.
  2. This award entails an audio-recorded PowerPoint. You may apply to a maximum of three awards that require an audio-recorded PowerPoint, as categorized on the Recognition and Awards page. Applying for more than three of these awards will disqualify your application.
  3. You are not limited to the number of essay-based awards you can apply for.
  4. Your audio-recorded PowerPoint should follow the layout below:
    1. 2 minutes for the introduction of your organization
    2. 3 minutes to address the criteria for this award
      1. If you are applying to additional awards that require an audio-recorded PowerPoint, you will only present the two-minute introduction once and you will have three additional minutes to discuss each subsequent award.
      2. Example: If applying to two audio-recorded PowerPoint-based awards, your video would be eight minutes long as follows:
        1. 2 minutes Introduction
        2. 3 minutes Award #1
        3. 3 minutes Award #2
    3. Throughout the presentation, each time you move onto a different award, please make sure you have a transition slide that names the title of the new award. Then begin to provide your evidence for that award.
  5. If your organization is also applying for any of the following audio-recorded awards, you will address these in the same presentation:
    1. Most Improved Student Organization or New Student Organization of the Year (You may apply to one of these two, but not both.)
    2. Outstanding Service Project of the Year
    3. Student Organization of the Year or Department-Sponsored Program/Organization of the Year (your organization type is only eligible for one of these two awards)
  6. Submit the Application Form (link below) where you will include the link to your recorded presentation, as well as a PDF of your slide deck.

Submission Requirements & Instructions

In addition to the requirements listed below, organizations are encouraged to follow best practices with regard to slide design and visual aids to best showcase their impact.

Presentations must include voice-only narration (cameras must be turned off) utilizing PowerPoint’s Recording Feature. Total presentation time should be within the limits stated above.

  • Opening slide must include the names of each of the presentation-based awards (including this award) that you are applying for, and you should verbally announce these in your audio recording.
  • Organizational fact slide that highlights program relevant statistics including size, list of events, and their type such as socials, professional, service, and other information.
  • Informational slides answering the following questions regarding an event or initiative that took place between January 2023 to December 2023:
    • What are your organization’s objectives? What are the projected outcomes, and strategic goals of the event?
    • What makes this event exceptionally innovative or creative?
    • In what ways did your organization collaborate with other student organizations or College departments to make this event possible? Describe the nature and frequency of the collaboration.
    • How many students were impacted by this event?
    • How did this event impact the competency development of your members?
    • How did the event have a positive impact on the greater College community?
    • What qualitative or quantitative evidence do you have regarding your event’s impact?
    • How did the event go above and beyond your organization’s mission/vision/values?
    • How was Gator Ready used to support the event it?
    • What was your overall budget for the year? How much money did your organization spend this calendar year? Please provide a breakdown of the costs.
  • Appendix slides at the end of your presentation detailing the following:
    • Overall budget for the year, amount of money spent this calendar year, and a breakdown of costs.
    • A list of members who participated, with names and email addresses
    • Event date and location
    • Evidence of event impact
    • Please insert link to PDF displaying all appendix information.

Submission Instructions for Audio-Recorded PowerPoint

Once you have finalized your audio-recorded PowerPoint, please follow the instructions below to make it shareable using Microsoft Stream.

Selection Process & Criteria

In order to be considered, applications must be submitted by the deadline and adhere to the proper formatting requirements listed above. A selection committee of Heavener staff members will choose a winner who best exemplifies the award based on the qualitative and quantitative evidence provided in the application.

By submitting an application, applicants agree to release their academic records and discipline records to the selection committee. This year’s selection committee members are: Autumn Santos, Dalon Coleman, Danica Mandarano, Jeff Danso, Satcha Sanon, Sarah Morais, and the BCC President.

Previous Award Recipients

American Marketing Association

Florida Leadership Academy

Global Business Society

AMA – Marketing Week

GatorTech – Technology Case Competition and The Cheddar Podcast

Student Opportunity and Achievement Retreat FBLS

Entrepreneurship Club for “The Start-up Internship”

Although the program is in its 4th year at UF, a strategic partnership with the Career Resource Center this year helped to boost student and employer participation. This year, the event hosted about 25 employers and more than 300 students throughout the day. President Erick Rodriguez shared that the employees who attended the event included Grooveshark, Mindtree, CollegeVox and Fracture, Inc. Larger companies, including Netflix, are scheduled for the next fair.

A Night of Fashion- Minority Business Society

Minority Business Society’s (MBS) project “A Night of Fashion” was created to teach business students the proper way to dress in professional settings. Clothing was provided by Macy’s & Ann Taylor, and models from FACES modeling troupe partnered with MBS to showcase the clothing. This event reached 75 students. A student entrepreneur was also given the opportunity to showcase her watches from TrendTyme.com.

International Business Society- Global Gathering

International Business Society (IBS) hosted Global Gathering this year which gave students, faculty and staff an opportunity to discuss the different opportunities that the Warrington College of Business offers through student abroad and exchange programs. The event includes student presentations, and helps international students become adjusted to the University of Florida.

Siemens Meeting and Tailgate

The Student Finance Group invited Siemens to one of their general member meetings to discuss internship opportunities for the coming summer. Being one of the major employers at the impending career fair and possessing a renowned financial rotation program, the Student Finance Group wanted to host a football tailgate with Siemens for the Florida -Tennessee game for all to attend. This event granted anyone who had continued interest in the company the opportunity to mingle with the representatives at Siemens. The tailgate was a great success as 10 Siemens representatives and over a hundred SFG members and many non-SFG members were in attendance. It was this valuable networking experience that provided SFG members the exposure that afforded them a chance to interview with Siemens and for some of them to work in Atlanta over the summer.

Business Cup

On October 18, the CEI Ambassadors hosted the third annual Business Cup. Each organization within the Warrington College of Business fielded a team. This program has gained significance over the past few semesters, culminating in this year’s record attendance. Business Cup encourages students to network and engage with their peers outside of the classroom. Participants are given a fresh perspective on teamwork and can collaborate with their peers in a fun and relaxed environment. Business Cup builds camaraderie within organizations members and ultimately is a contributor to successes within each group.

RBC Savvy Cents Series

In the Fall of 2008 the Student Finance Group and the Royal Bank of Canada co-hosted the first workshop of an ongoing series, “Savvy Cents” which are a set of workshops intended to help students learn about various aspects of managing their money. This first workshop drew in around 200 students from a variety of majors. Part of the event’s success was SFG’s acknowledgment that successfully managing money is important to people of every major. SFG’s event helped to bridge the gap between UF students and provided them with valuable information on financial planning which prove especially important in the current economic climate.

Entrepreneurship for Dummies Workshop

(budget below $250)

The “Entrepreneurship for Dummies” workshop was created in response to the Entrepreneurship minor that was cut. The CEI Ambassadors wanted to continue their mission of spreading entrepreneurship to the business students. The workshop was used as a crash course of different topics in entrepreneurship. This event was held both semesters and attendance was over 130 students.

Gators are Green

(budget above $250)

The International Business Society created Gators are Green to fundraise for their organization and decrease plastic consumption in supermarkets in Gainesville. They sold environment friendly, reusable grocery bags to replace plastic bags. Through this program they reached 300 people in the Gainesville community and helped to reduce plastic consumption. Not only was IBS able to raise money but they accomplished this in a sustainable “green” way.

Business Quickie

The Business Quickie newsletter was started by the Student Finance Group to give business students access to “market trends, current events, professional development and career advice, and investment tips”. Currently the newsletter reaches 2500 students and faculty and, through the Business Quickie website, allows readers to discuss current issues of interest to business students.

Business Bash

Each semester the Business Administration College Council organizes an opportunity for all student organizations to get together and inform students as to the opportunities to become involved in the life of the College. This Fall the event brought together eleven organizations and approximately four hundred students.