Module Courses Calendar

Modules divide the semester into two halves. Fall term is comprised of Modules 1 & 2 and Spring term is comprised of Modules 3 & 4. Modular courses are seven weeks long, plus an additional week for exams. Module session calendars do not include Reading Days. Modular courses may have an exam scheduled on a regular calendar session Reading Day.

Important dates for module courses are not posted in the University Academic Calendar and are not the same as the university’s academic dates. To view important dates for semester-long courses, consult the UF Academic Calendar.

To avoid a late fee, tuition for mod courses is due at the time of registration.

Fall 2022 Dates and Schedule

Course Schedule
CourseClass NumberTitleDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
BUL444320065Ethics in Global BusinessMW3-4HVNR 2202
BUL444320066Ethics in Global BusinessMW7-8HVNR 2302
ISM325421888Business Systems 1TR5-6STZ 1042
ISM411321889Business Systems Design and ApplicationsMW3-4STZ 1042
ISM422021891Business Data Communications 1TR3-4HVNR 2102
QMB470121892Managerial Operations Analysis 1TR7-8STZ 1042
Course Schedule
CourseClass NumberTitleDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
ISM325514340Business Systems 2TR5-6STZ 1042
ISM421014353Database ManagementMW3-4STZ 1042
ISM433014354Business Data Communication 2MW9-10STZ 1042
QMB470217854Managerial Operations Analysis 2TR7-8STZ 1042
ENT461418695Business CreativityMW3-4HVNR 2202
ENT493418696Special Topics: Small and Fam BusinessTR5-6HVNR 2202
ENT493419060Special Topics: Startup FundingMW7-8HVNR 2302

Spring 2023 Dates and Schedule

Course Schedule
CourseClass NumberTitleDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
BUL444310047Ethics in Global BusinessMW3-4HVNR 2302.00
BUL444310048Ethics in Global BusinessMW7-8HVNR 2302.00
ISM411314033Business System Design and ApplicationsMW3-4HVNR 1502.00
ISM325414020Business Systems 1TR9-10Stuzin 1042.00
ISM422014035Business Data Communication 1TR3-4Stuzin 1042.00
ENT461410057Business CreativityTR5-6Matherly 1202.00
ENT493418431Small & Family BusinessTR5-6HVNR 2602.00
ENT493412539Startup FundingTR7-8HVNR 2602.00
QMB470117155Managerial Operations Analysis 1TR7-8HVNR 1502.00
Course Schedule
CourseClass NumberTitleDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
ENT461428537Business CreativityTR5-6Matherly 1202.00
ENT493410059Sustainable BusinessTR7-8Online2.00
ISM325514021Business Systems 2TR9-10Stuzin 1042.00
ISM421014034Database ManagementMW3-4HVNR 1502.00
ISM433014036Information Systems and Operation StrategyTR3-4Stuzin 1042.00
QMB470217156Managerial Operations Analysis 2TR7-8HVNR 1502.00