Module Courses Calendar

Modules divide the semester into two halves. Fall term is comprised of Modules 1 & 2 and Spring term is comprised of Modules 3 & 4. Modular courses are seven weeks long, plus an additional week for exams.

Important dates for module courses are not posted in the University Academic Calendar and are not the same as the university’s academic dates. To view important dates for semester-long courses, consult the UF Academic Calendar.

To avoid a late fee, tuition for mod courses is due at the time of registration.

Fall 2019 Dates and Schedule

Important Module Dates
DateModule 1
August 20 - 21Drop/Add
October 11Classes End
October 7-11Final Exams
Course Schedule
CourseSectionClass NumberTitleInstructorDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
ISM 325401HF15976Business Systems 1Seema BandyopadhyayTR5-6STZ 1042
ISM 4113011C16005Business Systems Design and ApplicationsAditi MukherjeeMW3-4HVNR 2502
ISM 4220012D16007Business Data Communications 1Kyung JungMW9-10STZ 1042
QMB 4701016G22050Managerial Operations Analysis 1Kyung JungTR7-8STZ 1042
BUL 4443066911704Ethics in Global BusinessBrian RayMW3-4HVNR 2202
BUL 4443067A11705Ethics in Global BusinessBrian RayMW7-8HVNR 2202
Important Module Dates
DateModule 2
October 21 – 22Drop/Add
October 22Deadline to Drop a Mod 2 Course (with fee liability, “W” assigned)
December 6Classes End
December 9 – 13Final Exams
Course Schedule
CourseSectionClass NumberTitleInstructorDaysPeriodsRoomCredits
ISM 325501H0DEPT ControlBusiness Systems 2Seema BandyopadhyayTR5-6STZ 1042
ISM 42100119DEPT ControlDatabase ManagementAditi MukherjeeMW3-4HVNR 2502
ISM 4330012GDEPT ControlInformation Systems and Operations StrategyArunima ChhikaraMW9-10STZ 1042
QMB 4702016H22077Managerial Operations Analysis 2Hongseok JangTR7-8STZ 1042
ENT 350301AA23202Social EntrepreneurshipKristin JoysTO ARR2
ENT 461401A723203Creativity & InnovationJamie KraftMW7-8HVNR 2302
ENT 493401A823204Special Topics: Small and Fam BusinessTejaswi Channagiri AjitTR5-6HVNR 2202
ENT 4934132624038Special Topics: Startup FundingTejaswi Channagiri AjitTO ARR2

Spring 2019 Dates and Schedule

Important Module Dates
DateModule 3
January 7Module Classes Begin
January 7 - 9Drop/add (drop a class or change sections)
February 15Deadline to Drop a Mod 3 Course (with fee liability, “W” assigned)
February 22Classes End
February 25 - March 1Final Exams
Course Schedule
BUL 4443Global Business Ethics34D9Brian RayMW3-4HVNR 2302
ENT 4614Creativity & Innovation151FJamie KraftTR5-6HVNR 2302
ENT 4934Business Plan Lab091BBrent BerthyR11-E1BRY 1302
ENT 4934Startup Funding41D5Mohammadmehdi ShafiMW7-8MAT 1201
ISM 3254Business Systems 14176Jingchuan PuMW9-10HVNR 1502
ISM 4113Business Systems Design & Applications016AAditi MukherjeeMW3-4HVNR 2402
ISM 4220Business Data Communication 1 1142Kyung JungTR5-6STZ 1012
MAN 4930Leadership06FCElias EldayrieTR9-10HVNR 2702
QMB 4701Managerial Operation Analyst 11152Kyung JungTR9-10HVNR 2402
Important Module Dates
DateModule 4
March 11Module Classes Begin
March 11-13Drop/Add
April 19Deadline to Drop a Mod 4 Course (with fee liability, “W” assigned)
April 26Classes End
April 29 - May 3Final Exams
Course Schedule
ENT 4934Small & Family Business4727Tejaswi Channagiri AjitTR5-6HVNR 2302
ISM 3255Business Systems 2 4181Seema BandyopadhyayMW9-10HVNR 1502
ISM 4210Database Management016BAditi MukherjeeMW3-4HVNR 2402
ISM 4330Business Data Communication 21480Arunima ChhikaraTR5-6HVNR 2402
QMB 4702Managerial Operation Analyst 24127Avinash GedaTR9-10HVNR 2402