Meet the Heavener Peer Advisors

  • Alexis Errigo Heavener Peer Advisor 2021
    Lexie Errigo

    Major: Finance

    Other Involvement: CAP Mentor; Director of Career + Personal Development in Chi Omega; Treasurer of Florida Students for Lifestyle Medicine

    I love being an HPA because… I love getting to help students and watching how they grow throughout their time here at UF

    My Advice to first year Business Gators… Get started early! It is never too early to look for internships or insight programs

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    Rae Gutcheon

    Major: Finance; Undergraduate Degree: Sport Management

    Other Involvement: Heavener Leadership Challenge Facilitator, Spoon University Photography Director and Vice President

    I love being an HPA because… I want to empower first year students to feel confident in their academic careers

    My advice to first year Business Gators… Take classes of interest outside the business school to gain new and fresh perspectives and have a bit of fun

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    Anna Haydostian

    Major/Minor: Management major, Real Estate minor

    Other Involvement: FLA mentor and assistant director of recruitment; Panhellenic Sorority; HLC

    I love being an HPA because… I love helping others! I came to UF completely lost as an out-of-state student, and the business school was a great place for me to make connections and gain real-world experience. I want to point Freshmen to the resources they need in order to make UF a comfortable place for them.

    My advice to first year Business Gators… My biggest advice for Freshmen year is to be intentional. Really take the time to learn and take it all in. Make sure you are informed about classes, involvement opportunities, and anything else you may want to do at UF before you commit to activities and involvements that may not be the best fit for you. Whether it is through mentorship, meeting with advisors, or even researching on your own, ask people for help when you are feeling lost.

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    Ellie Kunze

    Major/Minor: Information Systems Major/ Computers and Information Science and Engineering Minor

    Other Involvement: Resident Assistant, Florida Running Club

    I love being an HPA because… I like helping people make the most out of their college experience. I love having the opportunity to share my advice and the things I have learned to make more efficient schedules and make use of Heavener resources. As a first-generation college student, I understand the confusion about navigating college life. I have learned so much in my 2 years of undergrad and cannot wait to share it!

    My advice to first year Business Gators… My biggest piece of advice is to utilize a planner/calendar for all your important dates and events. This allows you to not miss assignment deadlines and club activities. Plus, it’s so much easier to have all your timely information in one location. Be sure to schedule time for self-care and friends!

  • Justin Landrove Heavener Peer Advisor 2021
    Justin Landrove

    Majors: Finance and B.S. in Statistics

    Other Involvement: Preview

    I love being an HPA because… I play a direct role in helping first-year students get acclimated to the University of Florida and help them set up academic plans that guide them through the rest of their time as an undergraduate business student.

    My advice to first year Business Gators… your academics are important! As much as involvement is emphasized, and as beneficial as it is, your primary responsibility is to do well in your classes. It’s vital to start off strong and have a good foundation with your study habits going into the rest of your time at UF. As your classes specialize more, it’s important to have your prior knowledge from your earlier coursework to aid you in your studies.

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    Jack Nichols

    Major/Combination Degree: Finance, MS ISOM Combination Degree

    Other involvement: Youth Leadership Challenge – Small Group Leader, Association for Information Systems – member, Student Finance Group – member, Heavener Leadership Challenge – Tau Class Graduate

    I love being an HPA because… I love working with Freshman and want to help make their transition into college life as smooth as possible.

    My advice to first year Business Gators… Get involved early! Joining an organization is a great way to expand your network, pursue an interest, and build your resume.

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    Sydney Pappas

    Major/Combination Degree: Undergrad- Marketing, Combination Degree- Marketing

    Other Involvement: Past BUMP, FLA, and HLC member, now a captain for the DM Public Relations team, Alpha Omicron Pi

    I love being an HPA because… The Business School has given me so much, including lasting skills, friendships, and mentors. I want to use all that I been given to help freshman business students. I aim to ease all their apprehension and stress about any questions they may have!

    My advice to first year Business Gators… Get involved! Getting involved within the business school allowed me to meet some of my closest friends. I also have come across so many wonderful opportunities because of my involvement!