Bright Idea Award

The Bright Idea Award recognizes the organization/individual that exemplifies conscious initiatives to promote inclusive excellence in the Heavener School of Business. This award honors a student/organization that has pursued the mission of the University to create a broadly inclusive environment necessary to foster intercultural skills and perspectives in teaching and research for its students to contribute and succeed in the global 21st century.

In order to apply for this award, please review all information below. Applications open Friday, January 12th and must be submitted by 11:59PM on Sunday, February 4th. You may showcase anything in your application that occurred between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.


For the award application, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Please review the Recognition and Awards page to ensure your organization type (department-sponsored versus student organization) is eligible to apply for this particular award.
  2. You will attach your essay (required) and any additional letters of support (encouraged) to the online application form (see link at the bottom of this page), by the deadline specified above.

Submission Requirements & Instructions

Explain why you believe that your organization or the nominated organization/individual should be considered for the Bright Idea Award. Please include the following in your application:

  • In no more than two pages double-spaced, please offer examples of the individual or organization’s commitment to improving and promoting inclusive excellence in the Warrington student organization community from January 2023 to December 2023, including:
    • Evidence of outcomes that promoted cross-cultural learning and interaction with a significant impact on the Warrington community that stands out above others.
    • Any online/virtual promotion or campaign to promote an organization’s external recruitment initiative.
    • Internal initiatives focused on creating concrete steps for members to increase their understanding of varied issues and facilitating opportunities for broadening awareness of differences to create a more fair and open-minded organization/club.
    • Any additional efforts the individual or organization has made to assist other student organizations and increase inclusive excellence among student organizations.
    • How Gator Ready was used to support inclusive excellence initiatives.
  • Letters of support are encouraged, but not required. Maximum of two letters, each limited to one page.
  • If you are also applying for awards that require a PowerPoint presentation, please do not address this award in your presentation.

Selection Process & Criteria

In order to be considered, applications must be submitted by the deadline and adhere to the proper formatting requirements listed above. A selection committee of Heavener staff members will choose a winner who best exemplifies the award based on the qualitative and quantitative evidence provided in the application.

By submitting an application, applicants agree to release their academic records and discipline records to the selection committee. This year’s selection committee members are: Autumn Santos, Dalon Coleman, Danica Mandarano, Jeff Danso, Satcha Sanon, Sarah Morais, and the BCC President.

Previous Award Recipients

Florida Leadership Academy

Sarah Tran – HLC