Business Ethics Ambassadors

Ethics Team

Heavener’s Business Ethics Ambassadors engage in a series of experiential learning opportunities in order to develop ethical decision making and leadership skills, including creating and implementing programs that meaningfully integrate ethics into the Heavener experience.

Why Ethics Matter

Textbooks alone can’t answer “what should I do in this situation?”. Understanding the importance of integrity is crucial for the development of successful future business leaders within Heavener. An ethical compass can help students navigate the ambiguity of decision making, and this organization aims to fill the gap between the technical skills developed in the classroom, and the choices that lead to financial, personal, and social success.

Why Get Involved

A perfect resume. A great elevator speech. The perfect interview. In an increasingly competitive environment, the ability to market and differentiate oneself is key in succeeding. Being a BEA provides an opportunity to develop a unique set of skills that will allow you to stand out in a pool of qualified applicants. The practice of ethical leadership is becoming increasingly importance. Recruiters look for students that will not become liabilities; companies take ethics seriously.

In an increasingly global and technological environment, ethics can help business create value without extracting it. Accordingly, businesses are looking at the triple bottom line – not just the financial bottom line – and are becoming more accountable for their impact on more than just their shareholders and balance sheet. The community, environment and other stakeholders are now more than just an externality, and personal success in business is about more than making money.