New Student Organization of the Year

This award is presented to a new student organization that has been registered less than two academic years and has increased its membership, involvement with campus life, and its activities from the previous year.


In order to apply for this award, you will need to complete the two steps below by 11:59PM on February 4th:

  1. Create a compelling 8-minute audio-recorded PowerPoint presentation adhering to the submission requirements below, that showcases why your organization should be selected as the award winner.
    1. If your organization is also applying for any of the following presentation-based awards, you will address these in the same presentation.
      1. Student Organization of the Year
      2. Most Improved Student Organization of the Year
      3. Outstanding Event/Program of the Year
      4. Outstanding Service Project of the Year
  2. Submit the Application Form where you will include the link to your recorded presentation, as well as a PDF of your slide deck.

Submission Requirements for Audio-Recorded PowerPoint

In addition to the requirements listed below, organizations are encouraged to follow best practices with regard to slide design and visual aids to best showcase their impact.

Presentations must include voice-only narration (cameras must be turned off) utilizing PowerPoint’s Recording Feature. Total presentation time must not exceed 8 minutes and must include the following slides:

  1. Opening slide needs to include the names of each of the presentation-based awards (including this award) that you are applying for, and you should verbally announce these in your audio recording.
  2. Organizational fact slide that highlights program relevant statistics including size, list of events, and their type such as socials, professional, service, and other information.
  3. Informational slides answering the following questions:
    • Objective of organization, list of goals, and plans for improvement.
    • How the organization has improved from last year – provide measurable metrics to quantify improvements, if possible.
    • Number of members from this year and last year.
    • Describe the unique value your organization offers.
    • Increase in number of programs between this year and last year or the significant improvement in quality or innovative change to current programs.
    • How did these activities impact the personal and professional development of your members?
    • How did the meetings, activities, and events held by your organization have a positive impact on the greater college community?
    • How does your organization plan to sustain itself in the future?
    • How does the executive board effectively function as a team? Provide evidence, if possible.
    • How do the activities that you conduct go above and beyond your organization’s mission/vision/values?
  4. Appendix slides at the end of your presentation detailing the following:
    • A list of all past activities from January 2022 to December 2022. In the description for each event, please include the following:
      • Date of the event
      • Number of attendees
      • Purpose of each event
      • Description of each event
    • Membership numbers and roster with names and email addresses (both spring and fall semesters).
    • Please insert link to PDF displaying all appendix information.

Submission Instructions for Audio-Recorded PowerPoint

Once you have finalized your audio-recorded PowerPoint, please follow the instructions below to make it shareable using Microsoft Stream.

  • With your presentation deck open, click the Recording tab, then select Publish to Stream. If you don’t see a Recording tab, you can add this setting as follows:
    • Windows OS: Open PowerPoint > File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Select "Main Tabs" from dropdown list on the right > Scroll down and click the check box next to "Recording" and then click OK
    • Mac OS: First, Export Video – File > Export > Select “MOV” in the File Format dropdown list > Make sure check box next to “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” is clicked > Click Export Button > Open Microsoft Stream through GatorCloud > Select “Upload Video” from Create dropdown list > Click “Browse” and select MOV file containing your presentation
  • Type a title and a description for the video.
  • Check the boxes that follow to allow everyone in your organization to see this video (on Mac OS this will appear under the “Permissions” drop down tab) and upload your original PowerPoint file along with this video.
  • Click the Publish button and then allow a few minutes for this process to occur.
  • Windows OS users will see a status progress bar at the bottom right of the PowerPoint window, and a message will display once the upload is successful.
  • Once you have received the successful upload notification, click it to view your video.
  • The video will then open in a browser for Gator Cloud. Copy the browser link for your video and then when you are ready to submit the Application Form, please insert the link there.
  • For Mac OS – Click “Share” > Copy the browser link for your video and when you are ready to submit the Application Form, please insert the link there.

Selection Process & Criteria

The winning organization will be chosen by a selection committee of Heavener staff members, based on the following criteria:

  • Does the audio-recorded PowerPoint adhere to all submission requirements?
  • Does this organization provide a unique value proposition?
  • How effectively has the organization grown and increased from the previous year?
  • How does this organization contribute to leadership development within the College?
  • Is there evidence of this organization’s service to the College and community?

By submitting an application, applicants agree to release their academic records and discipline records to the selection committee. This year’s selection committee members are: Autumn Santos, Dalon Coleman, Danica Mandarano, Jeff Danso, Satcha Sanon, Sarah Morais, and the BCC President.

Previous Award Recipients

Florida Cryptocurrency and Alternative Asset Club

Warrington Goes Green

Latin American Women in Business

Business Careers in Entertainment Club

Business Careers in Entertainment Club has developed a solid membership base in their first year, and offers unique opportunities for members to get involved. Some activities include providing tours of local television stations and partnering with the TV-210 to make the CW a more brand aware station.

Gator Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants

The Gator Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants has made a significant improvement from the previous year. Established Fall 2008 the organization has been able to increase its membership, programs, and recognition here on campus. The organization was able to accomplish these things and more with the support of their corporate sponsor KPMG, Business College Council (BACC), and using the resources here on campus.

Association of Latino Professionals in Accounting and Finance (ALPFA)

This past fall the UF ALPFA chapter was started on campus with the purpose of providing opportunities for members to find competitive internships and jobs. ALPFA worked on fundraisers and secured sponsorships so they can attract more members and have funding for events. ALPFA has 25 members and worked to develop their members by providing professional events where representatives from large companies attend meetings to speak about different topics and members are able to network with different professionals. Members also competed in case competitions and attended the ALPFA national convention, where this year, out of the 10 members who attended, 5 members received job offers. ALPFA has made strong partnerships in a relatively short period of time and has opened the door to student success.

Student Finance Group

Since their founding in the Spring of 2006, the Student Finance Group has engaged business students in leadership, professional development, and community service opportunities. Currently they have 180 members and a 23 student executive board that gives students a valuable opportunity to learn leadership skills.