Restricted Electives

When choosing electives, be sure to determine if you still need restricted electives. All business students who are not General Studies majors must complete 11 credits of either 3/4000 level courses or any level foreign language. This includes courses from outside of the business school (ex. ADV3008, AEC3030c, SPM3012, etc.). Internship, independent study courses graded S/U, or assistantship credit will not count toward this requirement.

Below is a partial list of courses. For additional course options, see an advisor in 333 Heavener Hall.

  • ADV3008 Principles of Advertising
  • AEC3030C Effective Oral Communication
  • AEC3414 Leadership Development
  • EDF3110 Human Growth and Development
  • ENT3003 Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • FYC3005 Intro to Personal and Family Financial Planning
  • SDS3340 Career and Lifespan Planning
  • SDS3482 Stress and Anxiety Management

The following courses can help you develop research focused skills:

  • EDF3423: Educational Research
  • EDF4430: Measurement and Evaluation in Education
  • EDF4440: Program Evaluation in Educational Settings
  • EDF4470: Survey Research Methods in Education