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Career & Leadership Programs supports the personal and professional development of students through knowledge and experiential opportunities to enhance the undergraduate experiences and beyond.

A cornerstone of our mission is to instill dynamic leadership skills in our students. We facilitate this by offering participation in numerous student organizations where undergraduates seize the leadership reins. The projects and ventures Heavener students direct make a real difference at UF and in the community. CLP Staff are available to work with student organizations and individual students in gaining and utilizing these critical leadership skills demanded by employers and graduate programs.

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Warrington Welcome: Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business

One-credit transition course for freshmen designed to promote a sense of community in the College and to assist our students with various academic and personal goals.

1: Participant, 2: Peer Leader, 3: Peer Leader, Introduction to Business Council, 4: Peer Leader, Introduction to Business Council

Warrington Welcome: Transfer Success Seminar

Transfer Success Seminar

This 16 week, two-credit hour course is designed for first semester transfer students and is designed to assist you with your transition to the University of Florida and the Heavener School of Business. Course objectives include: creating a powerhouse resume that reflects your qualifications and skills, identifying strengths and interests and match these to a chosen career path, building professional relationships and networks, assessing your interviewing strengths and weaknesses, and getting familiar with academic requirements so that you graduate on time. Course counts towards elective credit hours required to graduate.

T: Participant, TA

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program

The top 80 freshman, sophomore, and transfer students in the College are selected to grow personally and professionally, pursue involvement opportunities, and establish their network in Heavener. LDP graduates can apply to serve as a Team Leader.

1: LDP Participant, 2: LDP Participant, Team Leader, Executive Board, 3: Team Leader, Executive Board, 4: Team Leader, Executive Board, T: LDP Participant

Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP)

Incoming students are guided by an experienced student who is currently in their junior or senior year. Junior & seniors in BUMP have the opportunity to mentor incoming students.

1: Mentee, 3: Mentor, 4: Mentor, T: Mentee, Mentor

Heavener Leadership Challenge

Heavener Leadership Challenge

The top 50 sophomores, juniors, and transfer students in the College are selected for this personal leadership development program. Leadership is Everyone’s Business and the HLC’s goal is to develop students into top notch leaders.

2: Participant, 3: Participant, Facilitation Team, 4: Facilitation Team, T: Participant, Facilitation Team

Florida Leadership Academy

Florida Leadership Academy (FLA)

The top 100 sophomore students in the College are selected for this professional development training program. Each year, 20 students within the Florida Leadership Academy are chosen to serve as mentors to the next class.

2: Participant, 3: Mentor, 4: Advisory Board

Business Ethics Ambassadors

Business Ethics Ambassadors

Heavener’s Business Ethics Ambassadors develop skills in ethical leadership by engaging in programs to help raise awareness of the importance of ethics in business. This organization is comprised of highly motivated students committed to bringing ethics to their academic and professional careers.

2: Participant, project team leader, 3: Participant, project team leader, executive officer, 4: Participant, project team leader, executive officer

Career and Academic Peer Mentors

Career and Peer Mentors (CAP)

CAP Mentors specialize in providing undergraduate business majors with professional career development to acquire great internships. These mentors are Heavener’s most successful third and fourth year students.

3: Advising Mentor, 4: Advising Mentor, T: Advising Mentor

Warrington Diplomats

Warrington Diplomats

The Warrington Diplomats are the official student ambassadors of the Warrington College of Business. This organization is comprised of highly committed and motivated business students selected through a competitive application process.

3: Participant, 4: Participant


Business Case Analysis (GEB3523) – prerequisite for Student Delegations – This course is designed to introduce the topic of business case analysis and to prepare students for national and international business case competitions. Email Sean Limon for more information.

Alumni Café – a luncheon speaker series which connects successful Warrington alumni with a small group of current students for a casual “lunch and learn” activity. Attending Alumni Café is a great way to tap into the vast knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and networks of our alumni who represent a wide variety of industries and career paths.

Student Delegations are sent each year to undergraduate business conferences and competitions. Students are selected in the Fall for delegations during the academic year and preference is given for students in the Business Case Analysis Course and for participation in one of our Student Leadership Programs.

Warrington College of Business Hall of Fame – graduating senior – reserved for those students who have shown truly superior leadership and achievement through their activities and scholarship while members of the Warrington community. Email Lisa D’Souza or visit our Recognition & Awards for more information.

Student Organization Support

Executive Board Retreat is held both in Fall & Spring, for officers of student organizations affiliated with the College. This event gives officers a chance to interact with each other and learn skills valuable to their leadership role or to enhancing their organization. Email Erica Byrnes for more information.

Student Organization Awards – Student organizations affiliated with the College enhance the learning outcomes of our academic program. The contributions made by these organizations are honored at the annual Warrington Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Email Lisa D’Souza for more information.