Academic Probation

There are two types of academic probation: university-level probation and college-level probation. Review the UF Probation Policies on their Academic Progress Policies page.

In light of COVID-19, the Heavener School of Business is updating its probation policies for Spring 2020.

Given the university’s policy, students on probation will be allowed to opt-in for S/U grading on any eligible courses during the Spring 2020 term. The deadline to opt-in for S/U grading is April 22, and the decision to opt-in cannot be reversed.

– Earned grade of C or higher in the course = S grade (credit earned)

– Earned grade of C- or lower in the course = U grade (no credit earned)

Neither an S grade or U grade will impact a student’s GPA, but earning a U grade does not award credit and may require the student to repeat the course. U grades will not be considered sufficient for course completion.

While it is the expectation of the Heavener School of Business for all students to meet the minimum GPA requirements for good standing (2.0 UF, Core, and Major/Area of Specialization GPA), students will be granted one additional semester of enrollment, if needed, to meet these requirements.

Students currently on probation will have the ability to drop courses in the Spring 2020 term without violating the terms of their signed contract. Students that drop courses will also be granted one additional semester of enrollment to meet the college’s minimum GPA requirements.

Students with any questions about their own academic standing or if the S/U grading option is their best option should contact their academic advisor directly.

Regarding college-level probation, if you earn less than a 2.0 core, major, area of specialization, or UF GPA, you will be placed on academic probation for a maximum of two semesters. The Heavener School of Business will place a registration hold on your record and require you to meet with an advisor to discuss the terms of your probation contract, as well as strategies for improving academic performance. As a rule, you will be asked to earn specific grades in the following semester to eliminate at least half of your grade point deficits. If you accomplish this, you will be allowed to continue on probation for one more semester. At the end of the second semester of probation, you must either earn the grades you need to remove all deficit points or change your major to a non-business major. Students who do not meet the terms of their probation will be prohibited from continuing in a business major.

CategoryMinimum GPA Requirement
Major or Area of Specialization2.0
Overall UF2.0