Heavener Second-Year Experience Join the Experience

Student Registrant

The Heavener Second-Year Experience student registrant is a second-year student or transfer student looking to find their career, work style, and their authentic professional brand.


  • Second-year students
  • Transfer students
  • Warrington College of Business students
  • Not by credits. Solely by year

Register to attend one of the retreats. Retreat dates and locations can be found below. Remember all you need to do is sign up in time to attend. No application process is required.

  • Friday, November 8 – Graham Hall on UF Campus
  • Friday, February 14 – Graham Hall on UF Campus
  • Saturday, March 8 – Sunday March 8 – Lake Swan

Registration opens Monday, September 30, 2024 and closes Sunday, October 20, 2024.


Assuming the role of an HSYE Captain is a year-long dedication. Captains supervise 5-10 student registrants per required retreat, engaging in personalized interactions prior to the official Heavener Second Year Experience retreat. These upper-level business students serve as retreat facilitators, community builders, and role models. Through formal training and hands-on experience, Captains nurture vital skills including organization, public speaking, creativity, and adaptability, benefiting both themselves and the student registrants.


  • Must attend the Captain Retreat
  • Must facilitate 2 Retreats
  • Must attend 1 Captain & Participant Social
  • Must attend and facilitate 5 pre-retreat workshops
  • Must attend and facilitate 1 post retreat workshop


  • Third- or fourth-year students
  • Combination degree students are eligible
  • Warrington College of Business students

Applications open Tuesday, September 3 and close Tuesday, September 17.


The Heavener Second-Year Experience Directors innovate and collaborate to lead the Second-Year Experience Captains to become representatives of the authentic professional brand.

Director Roles:

The role of Executive Director for the Heavener Second-Year Experience (HSYE) is one of significant leadership demands within HSYE. It necessitates adeptly managing multiple priorities across all levels, including Directors, Captains, and Student Registrants. The Executive Director bears the responsibility of ensuring the operational efficiency and effectiveness of all facets of the Heavener Second-Year Experience.

This encompasses collaborating with the Program Advisor to contribute ideas and feedback on the Heavener Second-Year Experience curriculum, providing guidance to Directors in fulfilling their specific roles and objectives, and facilitating productive meetings among the Director Team and Captains.

An essential expectation of the Executive Director is to exemplify and cultivate an authentic, inclusive, and hospitable environment. This environment should encourage all Directors, Captains, and student registrants to embody the genuine professional ethos. By doing so, it inspires all members to make a lasting impact on both the Heavener community and the broader University of Florida context.

Position Time Commitment (10-15hrs/ week):

  • Supervise 7 Directors, 30-40 Captains, and ~150 student registrants in program operations
  • Organize and facilitate director retreats with Program Advisor each semester
  • Collaborate on Captain retreats with Program Advisor and Engagement Director
  • Delegate responsibilities to execute innovative and diverse programs beyond regular meetings
  • Meet weekly with the Program Advisor to strategize short-term and long-term objectives for supporting 180+ HSYE members
  • Lead weekly director meetings to ideate and strategize plans to meet HSYE’s purpose
  • Support Director initiatives
  • Conduct 1×1’s with Directors through the Fall and Spring semester
  • These along with additional developing tasks will be required

As the Director of Recruitment for the Heavener Second-Year Experience, your primary objective is to effectively promote the program to freshman and sophomore business students, as well as past HSYE participants. Your role involves achieving data-driven recruitment goals while cultivating a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity that aligns with the program’s mission.

You will spearhead the program’s visibility by strategically planning, organizing, and executing recruitment events, tabling activities, and campus outreach initiatives. Additionally, your pivotal responsibility extends to upholding the caliber of Heavener Second-Year Experience Captains. This impact is significant, as it shapes the upcoming generation of accomplished, genuine professionals.

Position Time Commitment (6-10hours/week):

  • Design and execute 4+ dynamic recruitment events – 2 per season
  • Enhance HSYE application, rubrics, and scoring processes to high quality
  • Spark creativity and innovative initiatives with the Marketing Director for impactful outreach
  • Organize and optimize the Captain and Director interview process
  • Manage a large volume of emails from interested parties across the year
  • Plan, prepare, and attend Fall and Spring Business Bash
  • Coordinate participation in Warrington Welcome Involvement Panels year-round.
  • Establish, lead, and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with the Recruitment Committee
  • Attend weekly Director meetings
  • These along with additional developing tasks will be required

The Director of Marketing maintains the Heavener Second-Year Experience brand integrity, bolstering all initiatives with comprehensive marketing efforts encompassing social media management, graphic design, website administration, and merchandising. This role serves four key audiences: student registrants, Captains, staff, and potential corporate sponsors, necessitating tailored approaches. A keen focus on branding ensures that online aesthetics reflect professionalism, authenticity, and consistency. Achieving this involves content creation, online community engagement, and consistent posting.

In addition to social media, the Marketing Director actively communicates with Captains about HSYE events and other occasions demanding robust internal marketing, like recruitment and the business bash. Collaborating closely with the director board, the Marketing Director guarantees accurate representation of each facet of HSYE through its image, communication, and media.

Position Time Commitment (6-10hrs/week):

  • Ignite excitement with innovative event promotion and media
  • Lead dynamic HSYE social media management on Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Manage and delegate event photography, ensuring captivating visuals
  • Craft captivating slides for Heavener TV displays as needed
  • Organize thorough event documentation through committee collaboration. (i.e. photos, videos etc.)
  • Establish, lead, and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with the Marketing Committee
  • Cultivate committee members’ skills in photography, design, and writing
  • Create captivating video and social media content with the recruitment committee
  • Attend weekly director meetings for insightful updates
  • Collaborate with fellow directors to promote events effectively
  • Provide Directors and Captains with engaging materials for outreach
  • Coordinate professional portraits for Directors and Captains
  • Lead merchandising creation, ordering, and distribution
  • Guide the visual overhaul and enhancement of our website
  • Collaborate with the Warrington webmaster for professional website alignment
  • These along with additional developing tasks will be required

The Director of Professional Development and Training involves coordinating and supervising all professional development activities, training sessions, and events tailored for HSYE Directors and Captains. The person in this role will help further define its function with the primary aim to facilitate valuable experiences for both groups. Key focuses encompass curriculum enhancement, refining Captain’s facilitation skills, fostering rapport, addressing identified needs, and exploring potential collaboration with the Director Engagement.

Position Time Commitment (6-8hrs/ week):

  • Discern and address vital professional and training needs in HSYE
  • Support Executive Director in formulating enriching training activities/speakers
  • Source and convey valuable external professional development prospects
  • Establish, lead, and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with committee
  • Attend weekly director meetings
  • Uphold meticulous records for comprehensive professional growth
  • Liaison for Gator Ready
  • These along with additional developing tasks will be required

The Director of Inclusive Excellence seeks to cultivate community within HSYE through inclusive collaborations, events, and training. They leverage their perspective to propose and implement updates to HSYE processes. The role focuses on systematically integrating global competencies into director and captain roles. The overarching aim is to heighten HSYE’s internal awareness and application, fostering an inclusive community while enhancing inclusivity and accessibility for future student registrants, Captains, and Directors.

Position Time Commitment (6-8hrs/ week):

  • Attend weekly Director meetings
  • Establish, lead, and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with Inclusive Excellence committee to set and achieve goals
  • Consult Directors to enhance accessibility throughout Director roles
  • Collaborate with Director of Professional Development & Training on impactful Inclusive Excellence initiatives
  • Source and distribute additional Inclusive Excellence opportunities for HSYE
  • Attends and facilitates 1 HSYE Retreats (overnight/ one-day) sessions in the Fall and Spring Semester

The Director of Engagement focuses on both HSYE Captains and registrants. The role involves fostering unity and connections among HSYE Directors, Captains, and student registrants. This is achieved through organizing interactive social events, facilitating seamless integration of new Captains during retreats in Fall and Spring, and hosting engaging gatherings. The ultimate objective is to create a enjoyable, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all members of HSYE and maintain student registrant retention.

Position Time Commitment 8-12hr/ week:

  • Develop and execute engaging events for student registrants
  • Craft and oversee engaging events for Captains
  • Establish, lead, and facilitate bi-weekly meetings with the engagement committee to set and achieve goals
  • Attend weekly Director meetings
  • Plan, budget, and host monthly events and socials
  • Lead and attend crucial HSYE Retreats each semester
  • Represent HSYE at various events (Business Bash, Tabling, Recruitment Events, Interviews, etc.)
  • Diligently prepare and collaborate with Directors for Fall and Spring Retreats
  • These along with additional developing tasks will be required


  • Third- or fourth-year students
  • Combination degree students are eligible
  • Warrington College of Business students

Applications open Monday, March 10 and close Sunday, March 30.