Gator Ready Ambassadors

What are Gator Ready Ambassadors?

At Gator Ready, our Ambassador Team is dedicated to spreading awareness and facilitating engagement with the Gator Ready platform across the UF business/accounting community. Their purpose is to help students not only understand how to use the Gator Ready platform, but how to take advantage of the platform to reach their own personal and professional goals.

What do Gator Ready Ambassadors do?

Gator Ready Ambassadors work to educate the population of business gators through attending events such as the Professional Development Summit, Business Bash, and Warrington Wednesday, as well as offering educational presentations to classes and student orgs alike. This is in addition to constantly brainstorming new ways to promote Gator Ready and make the platform more advantageous to the student body through events such as prize pickups, competency workshops, etc.

Meet our Executive Board!


  • Gabriella Davis
    Gabriella Davis

    Director of Operations
    Gabriella on LinkedIn | Email Gabriella

    Major: Accounting
    Other Involvement at UF: O’Connell Center, FSOAC
    Favorite Competency: Communication

  • Jacqueline Marks
    Jacqueline Marks

    Gator Ready Ambassador
    Jacqueline on LinkedIn | Email Jacqueline

    Major: Information Systems
    Other Involvement at UF: SwampCon, FWIB, Girls Who Code,
    Florida Swing Dancing Club
    Favorite Competency: Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Domenic Keller
    Domenic Keller

    Director of Technology
    Domenic on LinkedIn | Email Domenic

    Major: Information Systems, AI certificate
    Other Involvement at UF: Warrington Welcome, BUMP, FBLS
    Favorite Competency; Technical Acumen

  • Lucy Parucci
    Lucy Parucci

    Director of Quality Assurance
    Lucy on LinkedIn | Email Lucy

    Major: Accounting
    Minor: Innovation
    Other Involvement at UF: FSOAC, Intramural Volleyball
    Favorite Competency: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Sumedh Edavalluri
    Sumedh Edavalluri

    Director of Engagement
    Sumedh on LinkedIn | Email Sumedh

    Major: Finance
    Other Involvement at UF: UCC and SFG
    Favorite Competency: Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Sofia Oates
    Sofia Oates

    Director of Marketing
    Sofia on LinkedIn | Email Sofia

    Major: Business Administration
    Minor: Communication Studies
    Other Involvement at UF: The Retail Society
    Favorite Competency: Communication

  • Tyler Grace Krupa
    Tyler Grace Krupa

    Organizational Development Consultant
    Tyler on LinkedIn | Email Tyler

    Major: Business Administration
    Minor: Mass Communications
    Other Involvement at UF: Student Admissions Officer, Gator
    Theme Park Engineering & Design
    Internships: Universal Creative ATI/R&D, Walt Disney Imagineering
    Favorite Competency: Career & Self Development

How do I get involved?

Contact an ambassador today!