Outstanding Service Project of the Year

This award is presented to the student organization which recognizes a responsibility to give their time and energy to improve their community. Any project that provides support to the Gainesville community will be considered. The project should be a one-day or ongoing community service project, not simply a fundraiser.

In order to apply for this award, please review all information below. Applications open Friday, January 12th and must be submitted by 11:59PM on Sunday, February 4th. You may showcase anything in your application that occurred between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.


For the award application, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Please review the Recognition and Awards page to ensure your organization type (department-sponsored versus student organization) is eligible to apply for this particular award.
  2. This award entails an audio-recorded PowerPoint. You may apply to a maximum of three awards that require an audio-recorded PowerPoint, as categorized on the Recognition and Awards page. Applying for more than three of these awards will disqualify your application.
  3. You are not limited to the number of essay-based awards you can apply for.
  4. Your audio-recorded PowerPoint should follow the layout below:
    1. 2 minutes for the introduction of your organization
    2. 3 minutes to address the criteria for this award
      1. If you are applying to additional awards that require an audio-recorded PowerPoint, you will only present the two-minute introduction once and you will have three additional minutes to discuss each subsequent award.
      2. Example: If applying to two audio-recorded PowerPoint-based awards, your video would be eight minutes long as follows:
        1. 2 minutes Introduction
        2. 3 minutes Award #1
        3. 3 minutes Award #2
    3. Throughout the presentation, each time you move onto a different award, please make sure you have a transition slide that names the title of the new award. Then begin to provide your evidence for that award.
  5. If your organization is also applying for any of the following audio-recorded awards, you will address these in the same presentation:
    1. Most Improved Student Organization or New Student Organization of the Year (You may apply to one of these two, but not both.)
    2. Outstanding Event of the Year
    3. Student Organization of the Year
  6. Submit the Application Form (link below) where you will include the link to your recorded presentation, as well as a PDF of your slide deck.

Submission Requirements & Instructions

In addition to the requirements listed below, organizations are encouraged to follow best practices with regard to slide design and visual aids to best showcase their impact.

Presentations must include voice-only narration (cameras must be turned off) utilizing PowerPoint’s Recording Feature. Total presentation time should be within the limits stated above.

  • Opening slide must include the names of each of the presentation-based awards (including this award) that you are applying for, and you should verbally announce these in your audio recording.
  • Organizational fact slide that highlights organization relevant statistics including size, list of events, and their type such as socials, professional, service, and other information.
  • Informational slides answering the following questions regarding an event or initiative that took place between January 2023 to December 2023:
    • What were the projected outcomes, strategic goals, and number of members who participated in this service project?
    • Who and how many people in the community benefited from this service project?
    • What is innovative or creative about the service project?
    • If there was a collaboration, what ways did your organization collaborate with other student organizations or College departments to make this event possible? Describe the nature and frequency of the collaboration.
    • How did this project impact the competency development of your members?
    • What are examples of ways that the project incorporated reflection for members?
    • How did the project have a positive impact on the greater community?
    • What qualitative or quantitative evidence do you have regarding your project’s impact?
    • How does the project support or relate to your organization’s mission/vision/values?
    • How was Gator Ready used to support the project and participants?
    • What was your overall budget for the year? How much money did your organization spend this calendar year? Please provide a breakdown of the costs.
  • Appendix slides at the end of your presentation detailing the following:
    • Overall budget for the year, amount spent this calendar year, and a breakdown of costs.
    • List of members who participated, with names and email addresses
    • Event date and location
    • Evidence of event impact
    • Please insert link to PDF displaying all appendix information.

Submission Instructions for Audio-Recorded PowerPoint

Once you have finalized your audio-recorded PowerPoint, please follow the instructions below to make it shareable using Microsoft Stream.

Selection Process & Criteria

In order to be considered, applications must be submitted by the deadline and adhere to the proper formatting requirements listed above. A selection committee of Heavener staff members will choose a winner who best exemplifies the award based on the qualitative and quantitative evidence provided in the application.

By submitting an application, applicants agree to release their academic records and discipline records to the selection committee. This year’s selection committee members are: Autumn Santos, Dalon Coleman, Danica Mandarano, Jeff Danso, Satcha Sanon, Sarah Morais, and the BCC President.

Previous Award Recipients

Global Business Brigades – Brigade

The TRUing Project Enactus

Champion’s Cup Blood Drive

Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, created the semi-annual Champion’s Cup Blood Drive through LifeSouth Community Blood Centers to help non-social Greek organizations compete and raise donations to LifeSouth’s Blood Bank. The competition helped LifeSouth collect more donations than any other two week period from non-social Greek organizations ever before at the University of Florida.

“Animals, Biomes, recycling, Oh My” - ASTRA

ASTRA’s Project “Animals, Biomes, recycling, Oh My” partnered with Kids Count in Alachua Country to put on a service project geared toward teaching children about the earth’s animals and environment in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The project educated 20 children and ASTRA continues to volunteer with this organization.

Multiple Projects-Delta Sigma Pi

The members of Delta Sigma Pi coordinated and participated in multiple projects that gave back to the Gainesville community and beyond. These projects included collection of clothing for the St. Francis House here in Gainesville, and preparation of meals to be delivered to low-income families through the Campus Kitchen project throughout the year. Members also traveled to St. Petersburg Beach to take part in a beach clean-up, and performed service to beautify a school as part of Make A Difference Day, a national service opportunity. Finally, Delta Sigma Pi raised $3,100 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation during this academic year.

GIFT Gardens

International Business Society reached out to Florida Organic Growers in September 2009 to help work on the Gainesville Initiative for Tasty Gardens (GIFT Gardens) project. GIFT Gardens builds raised-bed vegetable gardens for Alachua County residents and the institutions that serve them, helping them become more self-sufficient and increasing their ability to provide for some of their own food needs. International Business Society believes this partnership provided a means to fight against hunger while promoting sustainability, which it strongly advocates. Through their hard work IBS impacted 271 Gainesville Residents, allotted 68 volunteer hours, and installed 18 gardens.

Ronald McDonald House Series

This past fall and spring, members of the Student Finance Group visited the Ronald Mc Donald House twice a month serving dinner each time to over 75 guests. SFG spends hundreds of dollars of their own money to make these dinners which feed the community while at the same time build retention and cohesiveness amongst the SFG members. They have built an ongoing relationship with the staff members of Ronald McDonald House and both the staff, Gainesville community, and SFG members look forward to the next visit.

Build a Bear, Make a Smile

In the Fall of 2007, The Retail Society worked with Build a Bear to donate up to 20 bears to deserving children. They donated the bears around Christmas time to the Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Unit at Shands. With the help of the nurses, the students were able to match the bears to the children’s personalities. The Retail Society was able to bring some brightness into the children’s lives with their feel good activity.

Day of Difference

In the Spring of 2007, Florida Women in Business partnered with Junior Achievement to bring the Junior Achievement Program to local elementary schools. Florida Women in Business was able to mobilize 120 business students to participate in 62 elementary school classrooms around Alachua County. Through their efforts, 1200 students had the opportunity to learn the valuable lessons offered by the Junior Achievement Program.

The Pop Tab Challenge for the Ronald McDonald House

This year the members of Phi Beta Lamba, with a great deal of community involvement, have collected approximately twenty gallons of aluminum can pop top tabs to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Phi Beta Lambda members have also volunteered at Ronald McDonald house hosting babysitting, movie nights, and a Christmas toy drive.