Student Organizations and Gator Ready

Are you a student organization leader interested in learning more about how you can use Gator Ready to benefit your members? We’re excited to share how you can update your student organization profile and add events.

Your Student Organization Profile

Setting up your organization’s profile is important. You can attract new members by displaying important information on this page. Let’s set it up together!

  1. Log in to Gator Ready using your GatorLink credentials
  2. In the organizations page, scroll or search for your organization’s page
  3. After opening your organization’s page, click “Manage student org”
  4. Make your edits to customize your page*
  5. At the bottom, click “Save Organization”

*Please make sure to not change the text in the “Interested In Our Events?” section.

Adding Your Events

Another way to attract new members is to post your events like GBMs and socials on Gator Ready. Follow these Google Doc instructions to see how this is done!