Course Equivalencies

To complete a Universal Tracking, business core, major, or area of specialization course requirement for your business major or minor at another institution, you must first determine that the course you wish to take is an approved equivalent to the UF course. Course equivalencies are usually not required for general education courses. Before taking a course at another school, you should note the following important restriction: All required 3000-4000 level business courses and restricted elective courses must be taken at UF, unless they are completed as part of an approved study abroad program.

Florida Community College or State University Courses

Universal Tracking courses taken at a Florida community college or state university are generally numbered the same as UF courses and therefore do not require an approved course equivalency. View a list of equivalent Universal Tracking courses offered, as well as links to each school.

Study Abroad and International Courses

Requests for business core, and major course equivalencies are accepted exclusively for University of Florida and Warrington College of Business exchange partners and Heavener School of Business International Programs affiliates. To determine if there is an approved equivalency for a course you wish to take while studying abroad, refer to the Course Equivalency Database below.

Private or Out-of-State Institution Courses

You can take Universal Tracking, General Education, and free elective courses at private and out-of-state institutions as long as you do not break the UF residency requirement, which requires students to complete their final 30 credit hours at UF. To determine if there is an approved equivalency for a course you wish to take at a private or out-of-state school, refer to the Course Equivalency Database below.

Course Equivalency Database

The Warrington Course Equivalency Database provides lists of two types of equivalent courses:

  1. Universal Tracking courses offered by private and out-of-state schools; and
  2. Universal Tracking courses and upper division business courses offered at international schools

If a course or school does not appear in the database, or if the equivalency for a course has expired (it will be shaded in gray), you must complete the appropriate Course Equivalency Request Form, gather supporting documentation, and submit these items to 301 Heavener Hall for departmental approval. Note that submitted syllabi must be dated within +/- 5 years of the date the course was taken. Please allow two – four weeks for your equivalency request to be processed.

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